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How much colder will the world need to get until people finally accept Global Warming?

Antarctic ice increasing

Arctic Ice Increasing Between Canada And Greenland. "Highest Level Of Ice In 15 Years."

NASA scientists puzzled as data show oceans are actually cooling

Falling sea level upsets theory of global warming

Glaciers are growing around the world, including the United States

Houston ties earliest snowfall record

Juneau gets record snowfall for January

All-time snow records tumbling again for the second straight year

A year without a summer?

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    Temperatures rise, temperatures fall, that's known as variability. A couple years does not make a trend, so it's not a matter of how much colder, but how cold and for how long.

    Many of your links talk about local episodic weather, not global climate averages and trends, so those don't really even address the issue. The fact that you'd include them as some sort of "proof" shows that you lack even a fundamental understanding of the issues. You need to get minimally educated before trying to weigh in on things you don't understand.

    Not every single year is going to break the record. If the average temperature is 60, and the next few years are 61,62,64,65,65,66,63, would you declare that things are "cooler" after you hit 63?

    See the chart below for evidence that temperatures can peak and fall back, but how the average, over time, still shows a heating trend.

    This variability isn't anything new. Funny how decades of rising average temperatures are dismissed, but a couple of years where we don't set records is suddenly "proof" in your eyes.

    That's not to say that it's not possible that this is a cooling trend that may ultimately disprove the warming consensus, but it will take a lot more before that can be shown, and any claims to the contrary based on this are very premature.

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    If the world is getting colder, why are you still calling it global WARMING?

    Seriously, though...the problem with your argument is that you keep switching it up. One minute, all the polar bears are going to be packing it in and moving into Central Park with me, because all of our ice has melted.

    The next, we're plunging into the worst Ice Age the earth has ever known.

    You should pick a rant, and stick with it.

    While we're on it though, I don't freak out about it. I drive an efficient car and I turn off the lights when I'm not using em...but I figure if we've done enough damage to really kick mother nature into an entirely different direction, there isn't a whole lot more I can do.

    Humans have had a good run, anyway. If we go out, we go out. Cest le vie..

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    We have always been taught that what we do in our environment makes a difference. I can agree with that in the same sense that I want to keep my house clean. It is where I live. Global warming as it has been presented is telling us not that we have to just clean our room but that we will all die soon if we don't. Furthermore, it wants us all to pay for and be inconvenienced by the cleanup. The Al Gore types don't address the real questions. They are more like "chicken little". I think you proved that with your sources. I think we can live in a cleaner world and that we can do it using resources here in America. I don't think the Al Gore, Obama types believe that. I think they believe we are living on a dieing planet. They would starve us all to save a little fish in California. The world has been around for some time and will continue to be here. Let us clean up our room and pay off our debt, but the sky is not falling. Address the problems not create more crisis.

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    You should actually read the articles you post:

    "As if the figurative waters weren't muddy enough, static sea temperatures should imply stable sea levels, since water expands when heated. However, sea levels have risen by about half an inch in the last four years - a significant change. "

    I like th eglacier article, best. It suggests that glaciers are "growing" by suggesting that increasing rates of movement (ablation) somehow equals "growth". That's very hilarious

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    Global warming is a fact. The link at the bottom can go through this with you. Arctic ice is decreasing. So much so that you can swim at the North Pole. And the ice has shrunk so much that now the North West passage is navigable. Something never recorded before.

    Sea leves are rising and this is threatening many small islands in the Pacific. Not falling as you claim. If you were right, why would islands in the Pacific have had to be evacutated along with the sea taking over two others?

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    We don't need any hippie liberal 'save the planet' bullshit rhetoric. What we need is population control. The planet is too overcrowded. We need to stop letting doctors play god in the labs. Maybe even purge the world of liberal activists? Just think of how much better the world would be without liberals trying to tell us what to think all the time. And the reduction in noise pollution would be heavenly. I wish we just lived in a world where people minded their own damn business. You know, instead of trying to shove paranoid delusions about global warming down my throat.

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    I don't know about the world getting colder. I do know that in my little corner of the world, this has been the coolest July on record but I guess that's just more proof that we are having global warming. One swallow does not a summer make.

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    ha ha the North Pole actually melted this summer for the 2nd time!!?!?!?!?!?!?! this is a NAZI site, highly partisan and not even a news organisation.

    I love it how you repubs keep quoting the Nat Enquirer to "prove" global warming isn't real.

    from Ecoworld:


    The aim of democratic politics is to strike a balance between legitimate but conflicting interests. It is therefore inaccurate and unhelpful when left of center commentators mock the notion that America might be drifting towards socialism, or that socialism isn’t so bad anyway.


    drifting towards socialism = BULLCRAP

    socialism isn’t so bad anyway: well, no one has shown me why this is bad. Why is govt bad? this is just some believe. not supported by actual facts.

    Wait, not talking about agencies like FEMA, an agency which was gutted and sabotaged by Repubs. It's clear that 30 years of underfunding makes an agency bad.

    No, im talking about why Canadian Japanese Euro govt agencies perform well, why can't ours?

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    Cap and Trade has failed in Europe that's all we need to know.

    Daniel Hannan MEP -…

    Of one thing, though, I am quite certain. The cap and trade proposals just adopted by the US House of Representatives will have a huge impact on the economy, but almost none on the environment. How can I be so sure? Because even its most fervent advocates are not claiming that it would have any serious effect. On their own figures, the measure will mean that, by 2050, we are all of 0.05 degrees cooler than we would otherwise be.


    Read and figure out who will pay the cost in the end.

  • Al Gore said NYC would be under water by now if we didn't pass legislation 12 yrs ago. It has been cool in the Northeast for the past 2 yrs. When will these fools stop drinking the Kool Aid?

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