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Where is a good place to kiss my girlfriend for the first time?

I mean where as in a place e.g movies

We're both 13 and we've both never kissed before

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    When you take her home from the movies and walk her up to the door to say goodnight, that's a great place for a first kiss. Try not to throw up on her shoes. ;-D

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    not at the movies because theres not conversation during the movie unless you want to get in trouble with the people infront or behind you lol

    my boyfriend kissed me on the cheek at the park where me and my friends hang out i too am 13 he is 14 so yeah i know where your coming from lol

    well good luck

    hope i helped

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    If this is a girlfriend who you respect and see a future with I would suggest kissing her for the first time whenever the moment feels comfortable and suitable ! You will both feel butterflies and know - this is perfect timing ! :-)

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    i'm 15 and my boyfriend frist kissed me in the basement of his house.. we had been hanging out and it was time for me to leave so he gave me a hug and leaned over and just kissed me .. just a simple peck... to me it was sweet

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    Her butt! lol Eat my shorts man!

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