I got text and mail from Ms. Andrea Mattson- Fishmann HRD training director of Morgan Stanley Group of company?

I Know that Morgan stanley is a well known company but i just want to ask if this is real.They offer me to undergo training at US but i need to pay the reservation fee for the said training P1,500.please be inform me as soon as posible before july 18,2009 email me at mona_ganda2004@yahoo.com

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  • Maggie
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    1 decade ago
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    It's a scam.

    The same person poses as the training director of Agilent Technologies Inc and Novatech Inc offering the same deal.



    Do not respond to them - you will be put on a 'mugs list' and your details sold to other criminals.

    Do not send them money - You will be helping to fund criminals and possibly terrorists.

    Do not send money via Western Union to anyone you don't know personally. No real company would ask you to transfer money in this way. It's untraceable and irretrievable.

    Do not give them any personal details - beware of identity theft or bank fraud. Your identity may also be used to commit further crimes against innocent people and this could cause you serious problems in the future.

    Please let as many friends and colleagues as you can know about this and ask them to also pass it on. Knowledge is the only way to stop these criminals

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LOL, no. You should not pay an upfront fee. That is a scam. If they want to hire you, they pay YOU.

    Also, don't give them any more information. You could ask to meet face to face before going any further, but I suspect they wont since it is a hoax.

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