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慧芬 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急急急英文翻中文 英文翻中文請幫忙


Total Number of Engineers by:

Manufacturing EngineersCertification

Quality EngineersCertification

Design EngineersCertification

Industrial EngineersCertification

Electrical EngineersCertification

Mechanical EngineersCertification

Are engineering standards and procedures maintained?

Design support capabilities for development and prototype work?

Do you have an Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) with the ability to foresee production problems at the design phase?

Do you have testing capabilities?


What Cad Software or Software Packages do you have? (Check all that apply)

Do you build tools from 3-D models or 2-D prints?(Circle your Answer)

Do you design your own tools?

Do you build your own tools?

Is a drawing change control system and procedure documented:

EQUIPMENT (Manufacturing/Verification)

Attach a list of your manufacturing and quality equipment;

Does a documented program exist requiring the calibration and recalibration of?

Manufacturing equipment:

Verification equipment:

Certifications on file:

Are external calibration services used?

Describe your calibration program below: (standards, schedules, records, identifications, preventive maintenance, etc.)


Quality Procedures:

Is a written quality manual and objectives released?

Are written quality control procedures formally released?

Are revision levels maintained?

Do you have incoming inspection procedures documented?

Do you have a system to manage process changes at a your suppliers?


Are Any of the Engineers Certified?Check Those That ApplyFrequency


Do you have procedure for records retention?

Is a training system in effect?

Are training records kept?

Is there periodic retraining?

Do you have a supplier program?

Do you have documented purchasing system

What Strategies do you employ to Control Purchase Material Cost?

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    設計支持能力工程師的总数:製造業EngineersCertification 質量EngineersCertification 設計EngineersCertification 工業EngineersCertification 電子EngineersCertification 機械EngineersCertification 工程學標準和做法被維護?設計發展和原型的支持能力运作?您是否有一個先遣产品质量計劃(APQP)以能力預見生產問題在设计阶段? 您是否有測試能力? CAD能力您有什麼Cad軟件或软件包? (檢查所有申請) 您是否打制從三維模型或第2個印刷品的工具?(盤旋您的答復) 您是否設計您自己的工具?您是否打制您自己的工具?是被提供的圖畫變動控制系统和做法: 設備(製造業或證明) 附有您的製造業和質量設備名單; 一個被提供的節目是否存在要求定標和重新校準?制造器材:證明設備:在文件的證明:使用外在定標服务?描述下面您的定標節目: (標準、日程表、紀錄、證明、定期检修等等) 质量系统質量做法:發布一個书面質量指南和宗旨?书面質量管理做法正式地發布?修正水平被維護?您是否安排接踵而來的檢查做法被提供?您是否有一個系統處理處理變動在您的供應商?質量ENGINEERSQUALITY報告其中任一位工程師被證明?檢查ApplyFrequency的那些 文獻保留您是否有记录保留的做法? 實際上培训系统?训练记录被保留?有沒有週期性再培訓? 您是否有一個供應商節目?您提供購買系統您使用控制什麼戰略購買材料費用?

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