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XYZ asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Will neutering my dog stop him from marking the house?

He's prettymuch marked everything already though but will it help/stop him from marking?

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    Neutering should at least help with the marking. Marking is a territorial thing. Without the urge to reproduce, he may stop marking. I would also suggest cleaning everywhere he marked with a urine neutralizing cleaner so he doesn't remark them later. If that doesn't work, walk him a little more often so he doesn't have urine to mark with. Good luck!

    Source(s): i work at a spay/neuter clinic and watch animal planet a lot.
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    It will help. It will definitely help more if it is a big dog. Small dogs are terrible about marking because they are so hard to catch in the act. Neutering is a good idea though because it will make him less uptight. He can smell a female in heat from over a mile away, and things like that are frustrating to him. He will be much happier and healthier if you neuter him. If you want him to look like he's "got a pair" ask your vet about neuticals - there are a couple of different kinds, and one looks and actually feels totally natural. I have a dog with neuticals - long story, but they look natural. Anyway, getting rid of the smell where he has marked will help too - try cleaning with KidsnPets - you can get it at a Safeway, or order online from - it is a great cleaner because it uses enzymes to dissolve the urine and the smell.

    It kind of depends on why your dog is marking, but neutering will definitely make a difference. Remember it will take a little time before his hormones are gone, and depending on him, it may take a while for him to realize they are gone. This is a good thing to talk to your vet about. Good luck!

    As a final suggestion, the only thing I know cures marking is a two week period of "crate training" in which you are absolutely consistent. This works. It isn't easy on you or your dog, but it is better than tolerating marking for the rest of his life.

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    Neutering him may or may not help. Once the start this behavior before neutering it may or may not stop after neutering. He should have been neutered when you saw that the testicles were not falling. At 4 months old to 6 months you would have know they weren't coming down & you should have had this surgery long before now. He could cancer in them if they are not removed. Neuter him for the sake of his health & hope it stops the marking. Once an adult dog has developed the marking behavior it may continue. If you had have had him neutered before he started this behavior he never would have started it. You let him get too old & his testosterone is surging & he NEEDS to mark everything. I took in a male dog of 2 ys & had him neutered but he still has to go around after the females have peed & mark over their pee.

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    * Spay or neuter your dog as soon as your vet recommends.

    * Take care of fights or dominance issues between your dogs.

    * Limit your dog's ability to see outside animals from inside your house.

    * When urine-marking occurs, clean the area immediately.

    * In areas where your dog has urinated try to keep him from it or take away the attraction.

    * Keep things that could encourage your dog to mark out of reach.

    * If your pet is urine-marking in reaction to an addition to your household (i.e., a new roommate, boy/girlfriend, spouse etc.), have that person and your dog get to know each other.

    * Learn the signs that indicate your dog is about to urinate and watch for them when he is inside.

    * Use the "nothing in life is free" behavior with your dog.

    Check this link for more info.

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    It will help but in the end proper training should fix it for good. Neutering is also beneficial to his health and keeping the unwanted pet population down.

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    not necessarily

    we neutered our jack russell late and he still marks all over the place, we dont even take him anywhere cause he is always peeing on everything esp when you take him to stores

    but my shiba inu was neutered around 6 months and so far he has been good about not marking anything

    it depends on how territorial and how soon you neuter it i guess

    you should talk to your vet about it

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      I'm not an expert but I know quite a few people who have the same problem with that breed. They pee when they get excited or any new stimuli. Some dogs cant help it I honestly believe. Having both large

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    Source(s): Cat Is Peeing Everywhere
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    I don't know a lot about dogs but I'd like to try and help. If he's marking the house I can think of two surefire options available:

    1/. Get him neutered.

    2/. Confiscate his permanent maker pen for a whole week.


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    It could. Your dog is marking his territory and if you neuter him, it will calm him down and he will not mark his territory. Neutering your dog will also make him stop humping things. (:

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    ummm no.peing for male dogs is marking there territory you need to teach it that its bad to pee in the house but its good to go method people think is "abusive" but everyone i know does it and its worked for all my dogs.when they pee or poop put its nose in it and slap it not hard just enough so it knows its bad and tell it "no" wich he will later know it is a word that means not to do it.then take it.then when u take it out (not after punishing it) if it pees or poops prais it and give it a treat (dog biscuit,hot dog peice,etc) and this is not abuse just dont hit your dog for no reason.this method teaches it not to go in the house (do not expect this to work the first day or week,it can take 1-2 mounths depending how good u go with the method and often it goes outside)

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