What does responsibility mean to you?? 10 points?

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ok i have to right this paper for summer school and forgot to this paper signed. so i need to right a one page essay what responsibility means to me... by tomorrow.... i need some ...show more
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doing what we must do regardless of how we feel, and doing it well.
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  • 7239 answered 5 years ago
    Using the power you have wisely, whether the power is a gun or permission from your mom to go to a party as long as you don't drink. Power comes in many forms, and responsibility is using it wisely.
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  • Snow Y answered 5 years ago
    Responsibility means to me a big chore or a big job that you are supposed to do and it is also like a test someone gives you to see if you are responsible enough to do bigger things and the trust you enough to give more responsiblity sometimes its like staying up later or other things.
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  • CageTheTaylorr. answered 5 years ago
    responsiblity is keeping up with your own things without having to be reminded and also being abloe to know your limits and obey them.
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  • FOOTES answered 5 years ago
    Responsibility also means require people to make a commitment to some form of action. Take responsibility for us conduct is an important part of taijiquan. Learning to be self reliant will make us stronger it is the process of taking responsibility for our own life.
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  • Tony R answered 5 years ago
    You know, not to be rude, but that is probably why you are in summer school in the first place. Maybe you should learn what responsibility actually is first, because otherwise you wouldn't have any problems, and would already have the paper done. And also, why are you asking us what responsibility means to us? The question is what does it mean to you.
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