Bro deciding on a motor bike?!! HELP PLZ!?

Hi there.

It is my brothers birthday in 2 months and he is turning 9. He has been obsessed with motor bikes for about 4 years now. He wants some opinions on these bikes:

The Yamaha TT-R110e

and the Honda CRF80F.

Which bike is better? Please help me! Thanks.

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    Because the yamaha has a bigger engine, it will experience less stress from riding the bike hard. The TT-R110 also has a lower seat height (26.4in ) and lighter weight (158lbs). The trade off for the lower seat is less ground clearance and less suspension travel.

    The CRF seat is 28.9 in and the bike weighs 163 lbs. The Honda also has larger wheels which is probably why it weighs a little more. The CRF is probably a better performing bike with the longer suspension and Honda's reputation for quality and durability would make it my preferred choice.

    Your bro needs to go to a dealer and sit on each bike to see which one fits him best. He should be able to sit on the seat and have both feet reach the ground. Also dealer location for parts and service should be considered too. If one dealer is considerably closer than the other that could sway my vote.

    btw - Your bro needs someone to teach him how to ride, hope there are friends or relatives that can help.

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  • Tami M
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    1 decade ago

    When you say he's been obsessed for 4 years, does that mean he's been riding for 4 years or has wanted a bike for that long?

    One bike isn't any better then the other, both are good bikes, it just depends on what the rider's needs are.

    If he's been riding for a few years, he'll probably be happier with the TT-R110E.

    If he's a beginner, he would probably be better off with the CRF80F, or a Yamaha TT-R90E. Also, if he's a beginner, he should consider getting a used bike because it will probably get banged up a bit and it's very likely he'll want to get something else in a couple of years when he has a better idea of what may be best for his ability and size.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Both are great bikes made by reliable companies. Personally i would go with the Yamaha because its a little bigger and will give him a couple more years of riding before growing out of it.

    Source(s): Own a Yamaha R1 and a Honda CR250
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