150 pounds and only 12 years old.. HELP?

HELP!! I am FAT! I want to b able to fit into skinny jeans by the school year!! Any Ideas on how to get skinny with out not eating??? I might b goin on a slimfast diet where i drink 2 a day and eat only lunch but is that a good idea?? HELP!!!!

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    you dont wanna look like that girl she looks skinny sick! but the slim fast i wouldnt recommend i dont think it works that well at all. all you need to do is before you eat breakfast do a simple excercise for 20 minutes then eat a healthy breakfast that includes some sort of fruit. then before lunch excercise 20 minutes then eat something lighter then you did for breakfast the excercise 20 minutes before dinner and have a really really light dinner! this is the perfect diet plan. also no soda, sugar based products, white foods(except cauli flower), and drink plenty of water.

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    Eat smaller portions, only eat three times a day (b/f, lunch and dinner) RUNNING, Streching, and any other physical activities. Probably won't look like this for school but it'll be a start but you'll look good in skinny jeans by school if you do what i told you, you should lose 20-25 pounds b4 school starts.

    Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same times each day. Don't skip meals that makes you gain weight. Cause if you skip breakfast then you'll eat more for lunch

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    ew shes a bit TOO skinny, but I dont suggest slimfast, when I want to lose weight I go on an 800 calorie diet and exercise as much as possible, dont eat three meals, eat like 100- 200 calorie mini meals throughout the day, try to eat lots of protein, and fruits and veggies and try to stay away from processed foods, the best part is you probably wont ever get that hungry

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    merely start to consume genuine 3 healthy foodstuff an afternoon and in case you elect a snack in between determine its like carrots or apples. exercising frequently get lively in a summer sport or run or jog or you ought to bypass someplace superb and walk for an hour widely used. i got here upon the treadmill and walking exterior while its superb finished it for me i lost 200 pounds in under 2 years. merely persist with a healthy weight loss plan do no longer consume alot of pasta or bread no junk foodstuff and exercising and additionally you would be superb. sturdy success hon

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    ima tell you upfront, not alot of ppl can look like that link. she's pretty yes but everyone looks different; im surprised actually that ur 12 and 150 lbs. im 17 and 102lbs. i eat healthy fruits, veggies, etc i work out 5 times a week. workin out is GREAT! i run the treadmill for 45mins to an hour and afterwards i work out my core (belly) 300-400 crunches on teh machines and then i alternate my arm work outs and my leg work outs.

    answer mine?


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    have six tiny healthy meals a day instead of larger heavy meals and walk a lot, trust me, you'd loose weight in no time.


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    i wouldnt recommend slimfast. you can eat just control your portion size and be cautious of what you eat. drink water and exercise daily.

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    im 14 and weight 30 pounds less than you. im over weight. i go to sparkteens.com. it hhelps me pic out exercises and stuff like that. its hellping ill tell you that. just try it. it will make you more confident and guide you to loose weight. just promise youll try it. if you need help on it add me kassayyyy.

    hope i helped! its also not healthy to loose alot of weight in a short period of time.

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    start excersizing..start from easy to hardcore workouts..i know it sounds hard but if you're really serious and determined to lose that weight then you'll do it. i suggest running and swimming :)

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    Don't they have skinny jeans in all sizes

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