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Who is better Ron Artest or J.R Smith?

Who is a better player?

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    Ron Artest is better than J.R Smith.!!!!!

    There's no doubt about it.!!!!

    He's better player, tougher player.... and even a better "gangsta".!!!!


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    It used to be Ron Artest, but now I'd say Smith. I think he's better offensively being able to knock down 4-5 consecutive 3's at any given moment and good getting to the hole not only in the open court but half court too. And for the first time in his career, he showcased how good a defender he is capable of being these playoffs and a playmaker. Honestly I'm gonna get thumbs down because people refuse to accept he's a different player than he has been most of his career, Chauncey Billups going there obviously helped hone his skill and focus more on the team's game.

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    Ron Artest

    Source(s): J.R Smith Sucks
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  • On a regular basis its gonna be Artest... But when JR is actually trying and is on he is one of the most elite scorers and best players in the NBA like seriously. If you watched him in the playoffs i forget which game against the Lakers but he just went off, no one could stop him. But sice he is one of the athletic enigmas who doesn't try all the time im gonna go with ARtest

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    In terms of offense, they are both quite alike. Both are inconsistent, but Ill give the slight edge to JR Smith because of his ability to shoot long range. However I question the ability of JR Smith leading a team as opposed to Ron Artest even though both possess the ability to create their own shot.

    In terms of defense, Ron Artest no doubt. He has consistently been top 15 in the league in steals in the past decade and I don't think JR Smith has even been First or Second all NBA defensive team.

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    i hope this is a trick question because ron artest>j.r. smith every day.

    even when ron artest is having an off night on offense, he still hustles his heart out and plays great defense.

    Smith on the other hand is basically a no-show when his offensive game is off

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    Artest can carry a team, play good D, and score

    JR can shot

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    ron artest is ok but so is smith...if ron artest can keep is attitude under control he is great and i think he should have never went to la

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    J.R. Smith Obviously

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    Lol only the Denver fans will think J.R. Smith is better hahahaha.

    like this guy^^^

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