Is it normal to quit on Ada or Ardor by Vladimir Nabokov?

I read about 150 to 200 pages of it, but quit after that. I really loved it, and I didn't stop because it was "boring." It just got a bit too much for me. It started to get to me. I mean no average Joe has a vocabulary that expands that far. Also, I'm still young, and I didn't get some of the references and puns. but I definitely do know that Nabokov is funny. The science fiction stuff just made it more confusing too. Has anybody stopped this book in the middle? Do you think I should start reading it again? If not, at what age should I pick it up again?

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    1 decade ago
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    Read if you feel attracted to it. Simple as that; no rules. If it's too much for you ... well, it could be good could to stretch your limits, but not if it makes you miserable.

    And don't expect to get all of what Nabokov puts into a book. No one does, least of all on the first reading.

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