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what kind of spider is in this picture?

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We found this spider in our child's bed in Kansas. Just curious what kind of spider we released outside. The picture was the best we could do with the camera we had, hopefully there is enough detail.

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    These are called parson spiders.

    If you are finding spiders in a bed, you might look for insects

    like bedbugs or mites (maybe even ticks) that the spiders would

    be feeding on.

    this particular spider is harmless, but bites are said to be somewhat

    painful, and some people have had reactions to their bite.

    In Kansas, your worry for something like this, is the brown recluse.

    You really have little to worry about.

    Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
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    The pictures are not clear enough to tell, but if it's a brown recluse, on the back section of his body is a perfect picture of a violin, with the tuning keys toward the head. I hate spiders too, and learned from Googling "spider repellant", how to keep them away. The usual insecticides won't kill them because of a waxy or oily covering on their bodies that the insecticide can't penetrate. But they don't like soap! I mixed some Ajax dish soap in a gallon of water and poured that in and on my mailbox, and have no more spiders in the mailbox by the road. Also saw 4 or 5 wolf spiders coming into the garage one night, and poured that mixture across the entrance: No more spiders coming into the garage!. Doesn't take much liquid soap, either.

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