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Do YOU think Eddie Van Halen has turned into a DOUCHE?

1. Fired David Lee Roth for making a solo album then claimed he quit.

2.Fired Sammy Hagar for wanting to spend time with his kid and claimed HE quit

3.VH3 with Gary Cherone not listed on the Van Halen official site

4.Had a "reunion" tour but had his son replace Michael Anthony on bass but still kept Michael's background vocal tracks

5.Had Wolfgang replace all of Michael's bass tracks on the upcoming Guitar Hero Van Halen.

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    Just ask Valerie Bertinelli I have heard her say in so many words in the past that he is a MAJOR DOUCHE...... I have not heard her say anything about him in a long time. I mean I don't know her either from adam really. But She really does seem like a cool woman. Anyway she should know better than anyone else.

    anyway, I don't really care either way I was never blown away by his playing or his music

  • 7 years ago

    I think he was always a douche since the beginning.

    Also, add this one to your list:

    6. For the past 35 years, has always trashed other musicians in other bands in public. Bands that have probably achieved more than he ever will!

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    It appears my avatar is your cousin. except he's an otter

    yeah, but I think ozzy has also turned into a douche as he is suing tony iommi. he is whipped like tha family pig. I mean when van halen hired sammy hagar, you knew eddie had turned into a douche

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    HE was a douche in the 80's when he he hired Sammy (Cabo Wabo I can't Drive 55) Hagar.

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    I always kind of thought this!

    He's kind of like Yngwie Malmsteen guitar-playing-wise. He was the new thing, and he showed off his skills as people watched in awe, but now that they're old news they don't know what to do! Van Halen's golden years are over, my friend, it's sad but true :(

    But I didn't know some of these things! You make 5 valid arguments :D

  • Gloria
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    5 years ago

    Don't be so quick to judge dude. I seriously doubt that we even know a fraction of the whole story. Also, I can respect a person's talent regardless of their personality, political views, etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    Turned into? He's always been one, just an awesome musician.

    Eddie wants the spotlight and will get rid of whoever has it. But he is Van Halens music!

  • Most musicians are douches. If we weren't douches, we'd have a real job.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i once "met" evh and valerie in a hotel hallway in 1984 and he was a total douche.

    he seemed really annoyed that i recognized valerie before i recognized him...but it was valerie helping his stumbling drunk *** walk down the hall.

  • 6 years ago

    Don't forget he invented finger tapping. NO ONE EVER FINGER TAPPED UNTIL king ed.

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