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Does anyone know where i can find a teacup yorkie puppy near Lancaster or Zanesville Ohio? And under $200.?

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    Ok here is the truth....teacup yorkies do not exist...now small dogs or runts do happen its just life it happens not always bred from other runts since this can cause death in most cases if a female is to small a c-section is needed to deliver pups if not both mom and pups are in danger...Too small means not enough room for all organs to fully grow and will be harder to potty train because their bladder is way to small accidents will happen...even perfectly healthy runts in most cases will tend to be more expensive simply because of their fragile bones a simple jump off the couch can cause major damage to their hip or even brake a leg. They take 24/7 attention and if you dont have that time to spare than its best to get a standard yorkie which is small to begin with 7 pounds is what is allowed by AKC standards but I have seen a 10 pound yorkie still very small and very cute. This breed is very brave they are terriers after all so its important to get a healthy size yorkie. Go to a shelter if your looking to spend $200 or so but these dogs also have sensitive stomachs so you cant penny pinch on food it will get expensive perhaps another dog which wont be as sensitive would be a better choice?Good luck finding your pet

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    Teacup yorkies? Don't exist they come in one size only.

    A teacup yorkie is what byb's call a runt of a litter that they breed with other runts to produce more runts. That they sell for high prices. They are more like 2000 than 200. They breed for profit and not quality so go to your local animal shelter.


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    Runts cost $1000+ when purchasing & $1000+ in Vet bills for lifetime.

    Well bred dogs are not cheap, you could adopt at your local shelter and pay a fee around $200. Search on petfinder.com.

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    Teacup Yorkies are extra super rare! It'll cost you WAY more than $200. More like $2000!

    It's a good thing that most breeders have a lot of them on hand, because they are in super high demand!

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    you're never going to find one for $200...

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