<<<POLL: AFC or NFC West>>>?

which is the weaker division?

id say the AFC West is weaker because in the past ten years 3 teams from the NFC West have gone to the superbowl and only 1 team from the AFC West has.


whoa i just noticed that someone just asked the exact opposite question

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    The AFC west is much worse.

    The Chargers will win the division easily because they are a good team.

    The Broncos have a horrible D and a new Coach, QB and staff.

    The Raiders have 3 inexperienced players leading their offense (although for the past 2 years I have said Heyward-Bey will be the next Randy Moss)

    The chiefs are a HUGE question mark. Cassel, Dorsey, Tyson Jackson and Todd Haley are unpredictably for next season.

    The Seahawks are a good team, they buffed up the D-line in the trade with Peterson, and then Got Curry to replace him. Plus a healthy Hassllback is a probowler and playoff team.

    The Cards went to te super bowl last year, enough said.

    The Rams have a buffed up O-line, Stephen Jackson and Marc Bulger. Their D is really bad but they can win 6 games.

    The 49ers are a good team with either Shawn Hill and Alex Smith. Shawn Hill went 7-3 last year. Patrick Willis is a beast and Mike Singletary should be a good coach.

  • The AFC West is definitely much weaker. In the NFC West, you have dominant teams from the past and the present, such as the 49ers and the Cardinals and Seahawks. The Rams have been the only let down in that division, but to be fair they did go to the Super Bowl a while ago. AFC West has only two dominant teams with Denver and San Diego. The Chiefs acquiring Matt Cassel could change things, but for now San Diego looks the strongest there.

    I think the NFC West has the slight upper hand, it isn't much though. Both divisions have their good and bad teams.

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    AFC West is much weaker. The Chargers are the only team that stands a chance of winning the division. While in the NFC West, the Seahawks, Niners and Cards all have a shot to take out the division.

  • As of right now, I'd say the NFC West.

    After San Diego, the rest of that division sucks. I think Denver is going to be awful this year. And the Raiders won't win more than six games. Kansas City I think will be better, but I don't see them winning more than eight games.

    In the NFC West, Arizona was just in the Super Bowl and almost won it. I think Seattle and San Francisco will be decent and in the playoff hunt. The Hawks are old, but they can win nine or ten games. THe Niners are very tough on defense, but they don't have a QB. And the Rams HAVE to be better by default.

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    NFC West because it has the Rams, Seahawks, 49ers. Based on last years performance. For predictions It's about equal.

    AFC West have the Chargers NFC west has the Cardinals, I preict the Chargers will do better. raiders are terrible so are the rams. And Denver and KC will fight for 2nd, so will Seahawks and 49ers.

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    AFC west is weaker. They have tons of losses due to lack of talent. The Seahawks were bad because they had an injured QB. When healthy the NFC is the better division and they were still better even with all the injuries.

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    1 decade ago

    NFC west cuz the cards can win 10 games easy they have the talent

    the seahawks can also get 10 wins they old but they can still get it done with hasselbeck

    the niners can get 8 games with there d

    and the rams suck

    AFC only has the chargers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gotta agree. Any team that can win their divison in 8-8 record most definitly stinks.

  • 1 decade ago

    thts right mrs. rivers

  • 1 decade ago

    screw you guys

    afc west is awesome

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