Babbbbbby Name Game.?

Man I love this game. MY MATH MIGHT BE WRONG.


Dunnn Dunnnn Dunnnn.


Your 20 years old, you been dating your boyfriend for 2 years. Finally your engaged! The wedding is in 2010. But major problem. Your pregnant, so you push the wedding up, to next month! August 10th. Finally 2010 is here, and you just had a baby girl.

1) You want to give your daughter a uniseeex first name. Her middle name starts with a J.

- Corey Jamie.

2) Now you been married for a year, and your insanely happy. Your daughter is almost a year and you go again to have children. Your 21 years old. So your pregnant, and it's delivery time. You just found out it's a boy. Your husband & you are talking and think that it should be either a Jr, or should start with his first name which is a M. (You can pick either the Jr name or you can start with it with a M).

- Mikel Anthony.

3) Wha Pha! Four years have gone by since you had your son. Your daughter is five, and your son is four. Your 25. You were talking to your husband about another kid. He agrees. & what a not shock, ahha, your pregnant! Nine months fly by, don't you wish. Your son, daughter, and husband tell you your having............ TRIPLETS SAY WHAT?! What a bummer. But your happy. You have two girls and one boy. One of your daughter's name is Italian, your other daughter's name is Spanish and your son's name is German. There middle name is a month of the year.

- Italian daughter ; Giovanna April.

Spanish daughter ; Savnnah July.

German son ; Nickolaus October.

4) So your oldest daughter is ten, your first son is nine, and your triplets are five. Five kids. Your 30. You and your husband were talking about how much you love kids. But you wait a little. A year has passed and your decide to adopt. Its a little boy from Africa. Don't name him O.J. please like Bruno did. Lmfao. But he is a new born. He doesn't have a name. You get to name him. He has a African middle name. His first name starts with D.

- Derik Khalid

5) Two years went by. Six kids. Wow. Aren't you busy. Not really. Your in your 32. Your doing pretty good. Your healthy, you just got a dog. You named your dog Tony. Well, your kids did. Your husband is dedicated to you. Your happy, and your kids get good grades in school. Sometimes. Your mom asks you are you trying to make your own zoo? Cause so many kids. But you tell her that's not even half of it, and you tell her your pregnant again. Man your on a roll. Your having a boy. His name is starting with a J. His middle name is going to be uniseeex starting with a T.

- James Tyler.

6) Your 33. Talking to your mom after James is one. She tells you, just cause both of her grandmothers had 7 kids doesn't mean she should. You tell your mom, your happily in love. It just happens. You don't tend to keep getting pregnant it just happens. Your husband just got a job promotion and your moving to Australia. Well aren't you happy. You say goodbye to all your friends and family. But what you don't know is your husbands mother is moving with you! She decides to get a house around right behind you so your kids can come over anytime. The house is quiet, your kids aren't home. You get pregnant. Your having your first child in Australia. It's a girl! What else is new. You have many daughters. Her name starts with a S. Her middle name is anything you want.

- Stefani Angelina.

7) Man oh man oh man. EIGHT KIDS?! What have you got yourself into? Oh I know what? LOVE. So your first child is sixteen. Your first son is fifteen. Your triplets are eleven. Your adopted son is five. Your seventh child is, four. & your recent child is three. Wow. And your 35. YOUR 35 DON'T YOU THINK YOU SHOULD STOP HAVING KIDS?! You think one more won't hurt. Your not sure.

8) Five years have gone by. Your 40. Your oldest is 21, your first son is 20, triplets are 15, adopted son is ten, seventh child is nine, your recent child is eight. Your oldest child just told you she's pregnant. AND WHAT!? SO ARE YOU?! WOW. Your daughter is having her first daughter and your having a son. Aw there both born on the same day. Now that's adorable. Your daughter asks you to help name her daughter because you have good name taste. You name your granddaughter starting with a J, and her middle name as a M. Your sons name starts with a J also, but his middle name starts with a C.

-Granddaughter ; Jessyka Marie.

Your son ; Jermaine Cole.

9) Man a year or two has passed. Your son sits you down and says he got his girlfriend pregnant! Your happy for him. Your in the delivery room with him, and his girlfriend. During labor his girlfriend passes away. Yikes =/. So her initals are K. L. So you name your grandson with the intials of K. L.

- Kevin Landon.

10) Your in your 60's. Your husband passes away. I'm sorry. On the good side one of your triplets is having a kid? Your oldest triplet with the Italian name. IS HAVING TWINS!? Wow. She asks you to name one of the twins. The


one you name is a boy. So you take your husband's name. (Pick your own husband's name and name it as your grandson who is a twin)

- Ryan Michael.

11) You just passed away at the age of 88. Wow nice job. All of your kids name there first daughter with your initals, and there first son with there dads initals. Or there taking your husbands middle name or your middle name and giving that middle name to there son or daughter.

... So one of your kids just had there first kid.

It was your last child.

She's having triplets.

She's having two boys and one girl.

She's using your first inital for her girl. Middle name starts with a L. - Cristiana Leigh.

Her oldest son's first and middle inital is your husbands. - Ricky Markus.

& her youngest triplet is a boy. Your daughter uses your husbands middle inital as her sons first name and the middle name is a month. - Matthew January.

What a good game.

Nice job (:

Brain teaser of the day lol.

Update 2:

sorrrrryyyy I didn't mean to run out of space.

don't do 7 it's just info.

and unisex - boy and girl name?

16 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Harper Jane

    2. Madden Jackson

    3. Italian Daughter: Luca May

    Spanish Daughter: Ella June

    German Son: Charles August

    4. Deacon Taye

    5. Jagger Troy

    6. Stella Marie

    7. Nothing...

    8. Jameson McKenzie

    Jensen Cooper

    9. Kendrick Lucas

    10. Tyler John

    11. Brynna Leigh, Tristan Jacob, Jude October

    My kids...

    Harper, Madden, Luca, Ella, Charlie, Deacon, Jagger, Stella, and Jensen

    My grandkids...

    Jameson, Kendrick, Tyler, Brynna, Tristan, and Jude

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Paige Nicole Lindsey Marie Lanie Madison Audrey Rose Addison Claire Austin Jacob Jonathan Justin Janie Jacob Michael Hunter Madison June Mackenzie Abigail Matthew Carter Meghan Kathleen Carter Owen Conner Nathan Collin Max Claire Mallory Chloe Elizabeth Cassidy Anne

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Paisley Josephine

    2. Matthew Marcus

    3. Arianna May, Rosemaria April, Erik November

    4. David Mandisa

    5. Jacob Taylor

    6. Savannah Lucille

    8. Julianne Madison & Joshua Connor

    9. Kyle Landon

    10. Anthony John

    11. Noelle Leanne

    12. Aaron Josiah

    13. Jonah July

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Dylan Judith

    2. Michael Cleveland

    3. Italian Daughter- Bianca May

    Spanish Daughter- Anita June

    German Boy- Derek November

    4. David Afram

    5. Jayden Taylor

    6. Shailene Willow

    7. =)

    8. Grandaughter: Janelle Melanie

    Son: Jacob Carlisle

    9. Keegan Lake

    10. Daniel Otis

    11. Genevieve Lauraline, Devon Oliver, Ocean October

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Colby Jane

    2. Joseph Adam Jr.

    3. Italian: Gianna September

    Spanish: Nina August

    German: Lukas December

    4. Damon Kasim

    5. Jaime Taylor

    6. Selena Demetria

    8.Jade Marissa - granddaughter

    Jackson Casey - son

    9. Kieran Lawrence

    10. Joseph Adam

    11. Rory Lianne

    Jameson Albert

    Aden March

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  • prolly
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    1. Robin Juliette

    2. Tobias Allen

    3. Camilla June, Tierra May and Leopold August

    4. Dominic Mahari

    5. Josiah Teal

    6. Sylvia Rose

    7. -?-

    8. granddaughter: Jacquelin Miranda

    my son: Jasper Chadwick

    9. Kevin Lincoln

    10. Micheal Benjamin

    11. Vanessa Leigh

    Benjamin March

    My big family: Robin, Toby, Cammy, Tierra, Leo, Dom, Joey, Libby, Jackie, Jas, Kevin, Mikey, Vanna, Ben. And don't forget Tony the dog!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Casey Jillian

    2. Matteo Dominic

    3. Viviana June, Rosaline May & Charles August

    4. Dante Akello

    5. Jason Taylor

    6. Stella Christine

    8. Juliana Marie; Jared Carmine

    9. Kyle Lucas

    10. Giovanni Roman

    11. Brooke Lucia, Gregory Rosario & Marcello August

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Piper Jacinda

    2. Mackenzie Errol

    3. Francesca October, Mirabel January and Killian August

    4. Dashiell Afram

    5. Joss Taylor

    6. Siobhan Briony

    7. Juno Maeve and Japheth Conan

    8. Kian Liam

    9. Matthew Ryan

    10. Brigid Luella , Magnus Riordan and Ryan August

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Elliott Jane

    2. Mason Oliver

    3. Italian- Carolina May

    Spanish- Eva July

    German- Finn November

    4. Dawson Zuma

    5. Jackson Taylor

    6. Scarlett Rose

    7. Jacquelene Mayci and James Corbitt

    8. Kellan Levi

    9. Carter Nathaniel

    10. Henley Lyra (lie-rah), Cullen Nile and Nate October

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  • Liv
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    1. Carter Jill

    2) Mathew Allan

    3) Son: Liam October, Italian: Anna May, and Spanish: Sofia June.

    4) Damien Khalid

    5) Joseph Tyler.

    6) Selena Genevieve

    8) Juliet Madelyn (granddaughter.) Jack Casper (Son).

    9) Kieran Lee.

    10) I'm going to say that one of her twins is a girl, and she's naming her Olivia May.

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