I might be getting a New Honda Civic and....?

It cost like $15,991 and I was wondering if I could like bargain with the Car dealer to get a lower price??

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  • Livia
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    1 decade ago
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    You are the customer, so you can ask for whatever they want. They are the vendor and they can concede whatever they want. Since my dh is in business, I've learned that there are often times when the stated price isn't really the price that could be settled on. Not always, but oftener than most people realize.

    Be forewarned, though. You can usually bargain at a car dealership, then they try to get back whatever they gave you by jacking around the interest rate or how many years the loan is set up for. Once I got a great deal agreed to, they kept us there for hours and hours playing the finance game, trying to get back what they'd conceded. We stuck to our own financing source, and somehow they weren't able to release the car to us from the sister dealership they had, even after taking our down payment. Then after driving to pick up our down payment, (they were a long way from us), they said they "couldn't" return it at that time. It wasn't a pretty scene, because I'm old enough not to be intimidated by that sort of thing anymore. Not ethical, in my opinion, and their first chance for our business became their last.

    We've also gotten great deals without being stuck in the ridiculous, lengthy loan approval/negotiation process: once, we simply said that we'd like to buy car "x" (a loaner) for price "y" within the next 90 minutes, as we had an appointment (which we had). We got the deal. They were smart, because we could have gone to a different dealer, closer to home, the next week. See, they don't really have to hold you hostage for hours!

    In these troubled times, a lot depends on the cash flow needs of your dealer, when it comes to bargains. Try to find out the dealer's cost, maybe ask another question here on Yahoo Answers to see how to do that. They do need to make money to stay in business, but in some circumstances they need the cash even more.

    A good, honest car salesman is worth their commission. We had excellent ones on our last two purchases (dh has to trade for tax purposes every few years). They were able to give lots of great information that helped with our decision. A slick salesman that cannot or will not answer questions to your satisfaction - pass them by if possible.

    Ask for a demo model and you will probably get the best deal if they have one available. There won't be too many miles on it, and it will be in excellent condition. Come with your own financing (USAA always gives us great rates) and if they can get you a better deal, go with the car dealership deal. Read the fine print before signing anything, and don't feel pressured. NEVER accept a car deal if it is only good if you buy that day. Tell them that is bullsh*t (maybe use nicer language, like "I really don't respect that way of doing business, thank you for your time, and have a nice day."), and that you don't buy from car dealers who do that, and walk out. If they want your business, they will chase you out. I know this from experience, lol.

    Source(s): PS - I've had 3 Hondas and have enjoyed them a lot. I really, really like the way they keep their value! I had my Civic for 9 years, and I'm beginning year 5 on my third one and it is doing great. (The second one was totalled when I was rear-ended, and that was when I found out how amazingly the Honda keeps its value...I got a HUGE amount back to put toward my next car).
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    I have a 2008 Honda Civic EX Sedan and it is so much fun to drive. I just took my first road trip to TN and it was a breeze to drive,even at speeds up to 80 mph. If you need a car for your job as a delivery vehicle, then I think the LX or EX would be more practical. I'm not sure about the actual MPG of 35 vs. 25 MPG for any of the models, though. If you are considering a manual transmission, you may get closer to those numbers. My average MPG is about 25-30 with an AT & mixed city/Hwy driving. Whatever decision you make with the 2008 Honda Civic will be a good one! Good luck.

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    Of course you could bargain with the car dealer to get a lower price. Buying a car is like buying a house. You never want to pay what they want you to pay. If they do not accept your offer, walk out. They will more than likely bargain with you if they see that you are serious about how much you are willing to spend. Try starting at 12,000 and start bargaining.

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    1 decade ago

    you can bargain with the dealer when business is low. like on a rainy day or when no one is visiting the car dealer. never go when there is going to be alot of people there cause they then wont pay attention to you.

    good luck buying a civic and drive safely. =)

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  • Matt
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    1 decade ago

    You can always get lower than the sticker price, bargaining can knock of thousands if it's done right.

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    Of course you can, it's a recession, they should be able to do something for you. Have a man, your dad negotiate for you, also go on-line and print out the same car from other places and make them match the price.

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    all you need to do is find out the actual value of the car and use that as the baseline for your negotiation. good luck with your shopping.

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    just remember Sticker Price are for suckers

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    you can definitely do it.

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