Harry Potter book 7 chapter 1-who is snape's source?

In the first chapter of book 7, Snape tells Voldemort when the order will be moving Harry from his Aunt and Uncles house. He gives Voldemort the correct date, even though the order attempted to leak a false trail, but does not tell Voldemort all the details. This info is from some un-named source that Snape and Voldemort have previously discussed. My question is: who is the source??? Can you also please explain how you got your answer.

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    In "The Prince's Tale" chapter in book 7, Snape is seen conversing with Dumbledore's portrait in the Headmaster's Office about the plan to move Harry. So Dumbledore's portrait was the true source. Whether that's the source Snape and Voldemort "discussed," I don't really know. I imagine that it could have been, and that's why Voldemort appointed Snape as Headmaster of Hogwarts, since Voldemort assumed that Snape was still pretending to be loyal to Dumbledore so Dumbledore's portrait was giving him information.

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    My guess is Dumbledore. Because remember that even when he's dead him and Snape still communicated. They talked through the portrait and Dumbledore is the only one who knows the whole snape situation and still trusts him. Perhaps Mcgonagall was talking to dumbledores portrait and then dumbledore would tell snape.

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    Mark Felt.

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