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how do you write a paragraph on you profile?

i have loads of codes to hide everything, but i just want my picture and a few paragraphs of writting next to my picture.. HELP!???

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    You uses these codes

    [<img scr="">] [<--- say thats your image]

    next to the last carrot of the picture HTML code, type [<br>].

    [<br>] Will be like the enter key when typing.

    After that use the HTML code [<p>]PARAGRAPH HERE[</p>]

    and replace "PARAGRAPH HERE" with the description

    of the picture or whatever. And when you type

    the code erase the "[ ]" symbols

    Source(s): TIP: if you want to make your selection look..nice and neat, you should put [<center>] before you stop typing. I hope I helped. [Ima HTML Genius ;] ❤
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