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Any other day like today with no major sports games scheduled?

The day after the MLB All Star Game is an off day for MLB games. There are obviously also no games scheduled in the NFL, NBA and NHL.

Are there any other days in the year when there are no games scheduled for major sport teams?


Maverick - Good call !!! Completely forgot about the day before the AS Game.

Am looking for some other day(s) after the MLB season, if any.

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    Out of the major professional sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), there are two days ALL YEAR that have no games being played. They are the day before the MLB all star game (there's the HR derby but it doesnt count), and the day after the all star game

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    Sunday belongs to the NFL, the NHL would never air a lot of games on sunday thats just asking to have like a fraction of the tv audience, this is the cost for having 23 out of 30 teams based in american cities, im sure us canadians wouldn't mind watching watching some hockey on sundays but after all saturdays are HNIC.

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    The day before the all-star game. There is the Home Run Derby but there is no professional games

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    Does the World Series of Poker count?

    You know ESPN is hurting when that is what they're showing during prime time!

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    um, i'mma say no. i honestly don't think there is.

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