What is d pressure in empty space? in atm and solve using standard value?

1. compare d electrostatic replusive force btw 2 electrons with attractive force due to gravitation by finding d ratio of d magnitude of d force 2. three similar charges: +8.5uC are situated at d corners of and equilateral triangle of side 10cm calc d force on each charge in magnitude and direction.

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  • goring
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    There is no repulsion between electrons unless they come close to each other in a certain proximity.

    The gravity pressure of space on a electron is equal to the mass of the electron times the speed of light squared divided by the volume of the electron mass.

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  • knr
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    empty space has no medium, so its pressure will be zero.

    1. electric force Fe / gravitational force Fg = 10^42 (after using relevant values)

    2. force on any one fo the charges F = square root of 3 x 9x10^9 q / a^2,

    where q = 8.5x10^-6 C and a = side = 0.1 m

    hence, F = 7.65 x 10^6 N. its direction will be normal to any one corner along the biscetor of the triangle.

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  • Ivan A
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    The absolute pressure of empty space is zero.

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