G's to gents please???????

i got some questions....

Why did cee get eliminated 3rd to the last? did they try to make him cool by that?

Why dont someone from season 1 come out on season 2?

Why did they not want t jones to get eliminated sad?

Why did shuan blackball himself?

And am i the only one that thinks this kind of stuff is cool? like having beef, getting eliminated and knowing i'm going home, you know lol

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    Cee got eliminated because Bentley felt that he already had his life together and that he would be successful whether he won or not he felt others needed it more.

    Two people from Season 1 are on the end of Season 2 I don't quite understand what you are asking.

    They all liked T Jones and he was always looking out for others and cheering on their progress instead of helping himself.

    He felt that he needed it less than others.

    I really like the show.

  • nodar
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    4 years ago

    my sought after one is kesaun (i don kno how ta spell his call) the day in basic terms earlier this on an identical time as i became watching ATL i discussed him in it. He became large boi's nephew or cousin or somethin like that. He became tha boy who've been given out the pool to pass dry his money.

  • Kati.
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    1 decade ago


    I don't know? They all went back to the party life pretty much.

    Because everyone liked him so much. :P

    He felt he didn't need it as much as some other guys.

    I thought that show was okay, but I prefer Love shows. :P


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