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作文「A world without trees」

我想作一篇英文作文,題目係「A world without trees」,250字,中一程度,要錯小小!

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    A world without trees

    Trees--What would we do without them? It is hard to imagine a world without trees. Trees generate oxygen for us to breath, and remove carbon dioxide from the air. Their branches and leaves comb and filter the air. They are, in a sense, the lungs of the Earth. They are the largest plants and one of the most numerous kinds, with an estimated 80,000 species worldwide adopting the tree form. Trees are home to countless other organisms, including other plants, that would die without the food and shelter trees give them.

    Without trees, our air and climate would be different, as well as the surface of the land that trees help bind together. Without wood and timber, we would have to use non-renewable resources to build and furnish our homes. Without paper from wood, we would have to find more expensive and scarcer substitutes, or do without. Without trees and plants we would no longer have enough oxygen to survive.

    Trees have long been revered and worshipped as sustainers of life. They shade us, they feed us, they breathe life into our lungs, and as they change with seasons, they provide us with a sense of our own life cycles. The trees in the ancient primeval forests have seen secrets of this world that we can never hope to witness. They are the guardians of the ancient knowledge, all knowing, all seeing, and ever silent.

    There are thousands of things that trees provide for us and that we take for granted. But, more and more of our precious trees are being cut down and not replaced in our quest for bigger and better parking lots and shopping malls. Shouldn’t we stop cutting trees?

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