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21. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: In the performance of this work hereunder, the Seller warrants the Seller shall comply at all times with all

applicable laws, rules and regulations governing this Purchase Order. Seller agrees to comply with the currently effective price

control and priorities laws and regulations, if any.


A. By acceptance of this Purchase Order and by furnishing goods hereunder, Seller represents and warrants that all the goods

herein specified will be and have been produced in compliance with the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as

amended, if applicable. This provision will not govern merchandise which is grown, produced, manufactured or assembled by

employees whose service are performed in a workplace outside of the United States or territories within its jurisdiction, pursuant

to 29 U.S.C. §213(f), as amended.

B. Neither the Seller nor any of the persons furnishing materials or performing work or services which are required by this Purchase

Order are employees of the Buyer. The Seller represents that all merchandise to be delivered pursuant to this Purchase Order will

not consist in whole or in part of prison labor, or/and forced labor, or/and indentured labor made goods, delivery of which is

prohibited under section 1761 or 1762 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code or section 1307 of Title 19 of the U.S. Code. The Seller

represents that all merchandise to be delivered pursuant to this Purchase Order will not consist in whole or in part of child labor,

pursuant to 29 U.S.C. §212, as amended. This Seller also agrees to indemnify ABC company and to hold it harmless in

the event that such a delivery should give rise to any liability under the aforesaid provisions of law.

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    21. 遵照法律: 在此之下這工作表現,賣主擔保賣主一直將依從治理這份购买订单的所有可適用的法律、規則和章程。 賣主同意依從當前有效的物价调控和優先權法律和章程,如果其中任一個。

    22. 公平的劳工标准行動和賠償: A. 由這份购买订单採納和通过在此之下裝備物品,賣主代表和此中指定的所有物品將是和被生產了與公平的劳工标准行動要求一致1938年的保證,按照被修改,若可能。 這個供應不會治理是由雇員增長,生產的,製造的或者装配服務在一個工作場所进行在它的司法之內的美國或疆土外面,尋求29 U.S.C. §213的商品(f),按照被修改。 B. 裝備這份购买订单需要的材料或进行工作或服务的賣主和其中任一位人不是買家的雇員。 賣主代表所有商品將被交付尋求這份购买订单不會全部或部分將包括監獄勞方,或/與强制劳动,或/與indentured勞方做了物品,交付被禁止在之下第1761年部分或第1762年部分美国代碼的標題19美国代碼的標題18或部分1307年。 賣主代表所有商品將被交付尋求這份购买订单不會全部或部分將包括童工,尋求29 U.S.C. §212,按照被修改。 這位賣主也同意保障ABC公司和拿着它無害 事件這樣交付應該提升所有責任在法律之下上述供應。

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