why is it that we have a natural instinct to protect ourselves and those we care about?

its weird like whenever im walking at night with a friend and her little brother i always go close to him when i see someone looking at us strange like they're going to attack like im supposed to protect him. i just do it without thinking like id risk my life just for this little boy. is it an instinct or a reflex and how does it work in the mind? im sorry if im confusing you but i cant really explain it.

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    this is an instinct-- something that is not learned. It is something that is imprinted in our DNA and it is just something natural that we just know to do... all animals have some type of instinct. It's like fish swimming-- just naturally known. Has to do with surival of the fittest type thing

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    One is instinctual response and the other emotional.One is biological and the other is linguistic.One is natural and the other created by humans.

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