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is nepal beautifull country?


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    of course!

    It's amazing!

    right now, it's the monsoon. I don't know much but this is the time when people are supposed know...cultivate stuff...The view you get is absolutely amazing..

    if you are planning to visit Nepal in this season, it probably won't be the best idea though....other than that wonderful scenery of crops and stuff all over the hill, the rain falling like diamonds on the crops, and the wonderful feeling of cool water after a scotching hot day....there is not much to see :(

    but, as I said before, Nepal truly is amazing

    (and I am not talking about the government or the ******* Maoists ***-**** either) :)

  • 6 years ago

    Yes relly beautiful village are the best place to visite in nepal I think but I heard that thay have street dog and stuff I have been to nepal when I was 8

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    I'm from Nepal moved wen I was 7 and am 19now obviously it's my home town so I'm gnasay I love it if u Wana ask me more questions bout it email me I would lov to share my experiences

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    ya it is I'm longing to go there but don't want to go because of the gov., and army there . it seems that they will input curfew at any time for any long duration , so we are advised not to go on tour ot nepal

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  • 4 years ago

    Of course India. It's because they have diverse populations which make a good mixture of Indo-Aryans, East Asians, and Dravidians.

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    Well your online right?

    So go to and write "nepal"


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    If you go to Himalayas ..yeah its beautiful..(go for Annapurna Round Circuit) cities..hmm..only if u book through really agency..:) book your vacation through reputed travel agency....that's my suggestion if you really wanna see true depends upon ..that too..u know..!!!! ;) and yeah previous guy is correct..don't go now..its monsoon..sep - nov would be the best time...

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    1 decade ago

    of course it is but there is 1 problem if you wanna go there.........

    there are lots of army in nepal because of the army it is very dangerous in nepal................................................

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    1 decade ago

    Only in winter.

    There are reasons you rather not want to know, and no it's not the government's fault.

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