Which insects help humans?

Insects and Humans

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    That question has a very large answer.

    The seemingly most obvious beneficial insects (for humans and ecosystems in general) are pollinators, as they are the mechanism of fertilization for countless species of plants, many of which we use for agriculture and horticulture the world over (one of the most well known examples in the Western hemisphere is the honey bee).

    Another rather obvious service that many carnivorous insects (or more accurately insectivorous insects) provide for humans is a source of predation on other species of insects that feed on human food source (i.e. agriculture) or act as vectors in the spread of various diseases hazardous to both humans or domesticated animals.

    Beyond that insects provided innumerable less noticeable service for human which include but are not limited to: the removal of detritus and rotting organic matter, an agent of soil quality improvement and regeneration, a source of dietary nutrition, a source of potential medical treatments for various illnesses, a critical place in the tropic pyramid for countless secondary consumers, etc.

    The reality is that, as the most diverse group of terrestrial animals on the planet, almost all aspects of terrestrial life are somehow dependent on insects for both their biotic and/or abiotic services. It is not an overstatement to say that virtually all terrestrial (and many aquatic) ecosystems would collapse (or at the very least be catastrophically damaged) without the presence of insects.

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    Bees are probably the most important creature on Earth, in my opinion. They pollinate so many plants that most terrestrial organisms depend on. Our entire ecosystem relies on plants, and those plants rely on bees. Bees also give us honey and wax, but that isn't nearly as important as their effect as pollinators.

    Maggots are immature flies that are used in medicinal therapy to remove decaying tissue from non-healing wounds.

    Many insects are a food source for humans, although not really popular in the Western world.

    As you see in crime dramas, fly pupation really can indicate time of death of an individual and is very specific, depending on temperature.

    Insects that clean up decaying matter like leaves and dead animals keep those leaves and dead animals from piling up and rotting.

    Insects are AWESOME biological control agents. Aphids are pests that ladybugs happen to love, so having them around naturally controls the population and saves your rose bushes.

    This is probably not what you're looking for, but they also make great fishing bait. :)

    Insects are super cool and help humans in many direct and indirect ways!

    Source(s): College insect ecology course
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    Most help or have no effect.

    I don't know their species names, but many insects are vital in fertilising plants and crops.

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