Is it possible i suffer from Essential Tremors?

Ever since I was a kid, I've noticed that my hands slightly shake when moving (like when reaching to grab something, for example) and sometimes when i just hold them out in front of me, I can see them shaking slightly. They never shake when they're resting though.

It's not too noticeable since I've only had a couple of people mention it to's kind of embarassing though when someone asks, "Why do your hands keep shaking?" I know it's not because of nervousness or anxiety!

I just wanted to know if this could possibly be essential tremors or something else? It's definitely not something that just started happening to me. I'm 20 years old and I can remember a friend noticing it back when I was in middle school.

Also, what kind of doctor should I go to to ask about this?

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    1 decade ago
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    Essential tremmor, well, maybe. Usually ET isn't too bad, but in severe cases, it can be disabling, because the person shakes so much that it's hard to do normal things like pour a cup of coffee or quite difficult to do other things with your hands. If it bothers you or limmits your capabilities, you should seek medical attention about it. The doctor of choice is a neurologist. Medications

    can be used in treatment as well as support. The most extreme measure that doctors will suggest for treatment is brain surgery. A type known as DBS or Deep Brain Stimulation, where surgeons drill a hole in the skull and implant tiny electrodes in the brain, the movement center, (Basal Ganglia, sometimes the thalamus or sub-thalamitic nucleus or some such thing)

    and when in the right place, the electrodes are attatched to an electricity-producing 'stimulator' that when turned on, should relieve symptoms by changing the impulses in the brain that cause the tremmor. It's very expensive and certainly not recommended except in the most extreme and debilitating cases. I know about all this stuff because I'm researching DBS for my own movement disorder, which has become impairing.

    Go to and look at Essential tremmor. Other reliable sites would be CDC, Howstuffworks, Mayo clinic and other sites. Look it up, see if your symptoms of tremmor seem to qualify. Essential tremmor used to be called 'benign essential tremmor' but in recognition of the debilitating nature of the severe cases, the 'benign' was dropped.

    Good luck!

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    Hi, if that's the only symptom you have, I would not stress it only because everybody has a bit of a tremor like if your trying to hold a position or something like that. But if it becomes bothersome I would go and check on it. The kind of doc you wanna see is a Neurologist, But usually you need a referral because that's a specialty doc. Best of luck 2 ya

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    You could have essential tremors. A neurologist is the doctor to see for this and they can also rule out Parkinson's which is unlikely.

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