What is the differences between these syndromes?

Can someone tell me a little about

~downs syndrome

~fetal alcohol syndrome

~high functioning autism

~asperger's syndrome

What causes these syndromes?

even if you just know some info on one topic, please tell me.

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    1 decade ago
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    my son has down syndrome

    it is a chromosomal defect affecting the 21st pair of chromosomes. what happens is that the 21st pair (when it splits) splits wrong and causes a third little chromosome to be present. hence the name: Trisomy 21. that defect is in every single cell of someone with down syndromes body. they say that it is a fluke of nature..and there is no known cause for this disorder. there is also no cure.

    i am as educated in the other disorders but i hope i helped you to better understand down syndrome. check out this link that can help you more on Down Syndrome =]


  • 1 decade ago

    downs syndrome is caused from a change in a chromosome of DNA in the child/adult.

    Fetal alcohol syndrome is (i think) caused from the mother drinking during pregnancy, causing withdrawals

    asbergers and autism are one in the same, just different levels of function.... and no one knows what causes autism

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    4 years ago

    They're completely unrelated syndromes. A better question would be " what are the similarities?".

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