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Virgin Media Broadband?

I'm due to have the full Virgin Media package (Broadband, TV and Phone) fitted in a few weeks and I just have a question regarding the broadband.

In an email I received they said in order to have broadband my computer needs to have specific requirements but didn't tell me what they were or provide a link to it on their website. Does anyone know what these are or where I can find out?

Much appreciated : )

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    Here we are at the bottom of the page ►

    As it says you do have to have an Ethernet Card in your Computer.

    USB connections are no longer supported and the modems only come with an Ethernet connection.

    Source(s): Virgin user for 15 years
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    As long as you have an ethernet port on your computer and at least windows 98 or above then it will be fine. If you have broadband now then you should be fine, If you follow the cable from your computer to your modem/router and it looks a bit like a phone cable (but doesnt fit in a phone socket) then you will be fine, If you are using wireless now, virgin should supply you with a wireless router and that should also work with your computer. Personally i wouldnt go near virgin again, i had many happy years with ntl, but then the became virgin and then all the problems started, speed capping, channels being pulled.

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    As long as you are on windows xp and have a ethernet card it will run the connection and be supported by virginmedia.

    It will work on anything newer than windows 98 with an ethernet conneciton, but virginmedia would not support it.

    you dont need any cd on virgin, just plug the ethernet wire in and you should be sorted.

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    basically they r saying as long as ur pc is really old ull b fine

    heres a link to there Q&A

    do u mind if i add something pay attention to the contract cos theres handleing charges and also a £10 a month charge ir u dont pay by D D hope i could help in some way

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    I have a Virginmedia connection and it measures at exectly the speed I pay for. So on my sample of one I'd say if you pay for 10Mb download you'll get 10Mb download. I am pretty sure, however, you will not get a symmertic connection. You upload speed is likely to be 512kb or 1Mb.

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    You should be fine even the smallest spec notebooks are capable of receiving broadband. You know what these disclaimers are like they cover every possibility.AS long as you have windows 95 or above you will have no problems. ... happy surfing ....Colin

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    All you will need to do is run the internet set up programme which is very basic so doesn't need massive requirments

    99.99% of computers have the minimum requirements so don't worry about it.

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    they all say this

    i have virgin media broadband and it is good i didn't have to have any

    special requirements

    obviously you will need to use a cd/dvd to download it

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