I need some good traveling songs..& lots of em =)?

I'm going to be leaving for North Carolina in 8 days, & I need some music too keep me "sane".

I love every type of music,

just give me some songs you'd listen too if you were going to be traveling on the road for 16 hours

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dance Anthem of the 80's---Regina Spektor

    Use Somebody---Kings Of Leon

    Love Game---Lady GaGa

    Every Girl---Lil Wayne, Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Mack Maine

    I Caught Myself---Paramore


    Flightless Bird, American Mouth---Iron & Wine

    Xavia---The Submarines

    Don't Trust Me---3OH!3

    Breathless---Lyndzie Taylor

    Best Friends---Amy Winehouse

    6 Pack Summer---Phil Vassar

    Green Finch And Linnett Bird---Jayne Wisener

    Catch Me I'm Falling---Pretty Poison

    How's the Weather---Mallory Trunnell

    Buenos Aires---Madonna

    Never Gonna Happen---Lily Allen

    Break Up---Mario Feat. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett

    Lucky---Jason Mraz Feat. Colbie Calliat

    Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (FYI)---Utada Hikaru

    Folding Chair---Regina Spektor

    1,2,3,4---Plain White T's

    That's Not My Name---The Ting Tings

    Futuristic Love (Feat. Ricco Barrino)---Yung L.A.

    I'm Yours---Jason Mraz

    Viva La White Girl---Gym Class Heroes

    Thinking Of You---Katy Perry

    Stay (I Missed You)---Lisa Loeb

    Big Yellow Taxi---Counting Crows

    Slide---GooGoo Dolls

    Viva la Vida---Coldplay

    Take On Me---Aha


    Baby You're My Light---Richard Hawley

    Supermassive Black Hole---Muse

    Eyes on Fire---Blue Foundation

    Us---Regina Spektor

    Dearest---Buddy Holly

    Sea of Love---Cat Power

    Sho Nuff (Feat 8Ball and MJG)---Tela

    Dirt Road Anthem (feat. Brantley Gilbert)---Colt Ford

    Time After Time---Cindy Lauper

    Walking On Air---Kerli

    Sayuri's Theme---John Williams

    Everybody Wants to Rule the World---Tears For Fears

    Under The Bridge---Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    I Wanna Know You---Hannah Montana

    Boom Boom Pow---Black Eyed Peas

    Syrup And Honey---Duffy

    Breathe Me---Sia

    What A Catch, Donnie---Fall Out Boy

    Stack of Ones---King South

    Rock & Roll---Eric Hutchinson

    Sweet Pea---Amos Lee

    Edge Of Seventeen---Stevie Nicks

    Soda Pop---Britney Spears

    If Only You Knew---Patti LaBelle

    Chasing Pavements---Adele

    Boys With Girlfriends---Meiko


    Lover---Devendra Banhart

    Brightest Hour---The Submarines

    Heartless---Kanye West

    Bittersweet Faith---Bittersweet


    Seven Days In Sunny June---Jamiroquai

    Crazy (James Michaels Mix)---Alanis Morissette

    Sleep---Azure Ray

    Tribute---Tenacious D

    I Get Lonely---Janet Jackson

    Scream---Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson


    Little Goodbyes---SHeDAISY

    Saints And Angels---Sara Evans

    World On Fire---Sara McLachlan

    Be Like That---3 Doors Down

    More Bounce to the Ounce---Roger And Zapp

    Be Alright---Zapp

    New Soul---Yael Naïm

    4ever---The Veronicas

    Ordinary Day---Vannessa Carlton

    Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)---Us3


    Beat Control---Tilly And The Wall

    Pop The Question---TG4


    Walking With A Ghost---Tegan & Sara

    Through the Kaleidoscope---Steven Cravis

    Let It Out---Starrfadu

    Lovely (Andy Caldwell Mix)---SOULSTICE

    Across The Universe---The Beatles

    Helena--- My Chemical Romance

    Mr. Brightside---The Killers

    Strawberry Feilds Forever---The Beatles

    Speed Of Sound---Coldplay

    Hold My Hand---The Beatles

    Hello Goodby---The Beatles


    Candy Rain---Soul 4 Real


    Whenever, Wherever---Shakira

    Dreaming Of You---Selena

    We Be Burnin'---Sean Paul

    I Knew I Loved You---Savage Garden

    Love On The Rocks---Sara Bareilles


    When Did Your Heart Go Missing?---Rooney

    Scar Tissue---Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Don't Cha Wanna Ride---Joss Stone

    Bold as Love---Jimi Hendrix

    Gravity---John Mayer

    Sky (feat. Ingrid Michaelson)---Joshua Radin

    Kid Nothing Boy Vs. the Echo Factor---Gym Class Heroes

    Orange County Girl---Gwen Stefani

    Don't Speak---No Doubt

    When I Come Around---Green Day



    Chariot---Gavin Degraw


    What's My Age Again---Blink 182

    Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life---Green Day

    Turn Off The Lights---Nelly Furtado

    Sunday Morning (Acoustic)---Maroon 5

    Pour Some Sugar On Me---Def Leppard

    Sweet Child O' Mine---Guns N Roses


    Dancing Queen---ABBA

    Innocence---Avril Lavigne


    No Such Thing---John Mayer

    Long Road to Ruin---Foo Fighters

    Baby Girl---Nelly Furtado


    Unless I Breathe With You---Lyndzie Taylor

    Dirty Diana---Michael Jackson


    Back In Black---AC/DC

    The Sign---Ace Of Base

    Hold It Now, Hit I---Beastie Boys

    Sexy---Black Eyed Peas

    Iron Man---Black Sabbath

    I Miss You Blink 182

    Run-Around---Blues Traveler

    One Week---Barenaked Ladies


    Word Up---Cameo

    La La Land---Demi Lovato

    Crush---David Archuleta

    All Around Me---Flyleaf

    Everlong---Foo Fighters

    Wrapped Up In You---Garth Brooks

    River Of Love---George Strait

    Standing Still---Jewel

    Overdrive---Katy Rose

    Tire Swing---Kimya Dawson

    Supergirl---Krystal Harris

    Party People---Nelly

    Regulate---Warren G. & Nate Dogg

    Rock Bottom---Pleasure P

    Television---The Reunion Show

    All The Young Dudes---Mott The Hoople

    I Hope This Helps! Have A Nice Trip!

    Source(s): Random Selections From My iPod :)
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    - Remembering Sunday

    - Dear Maria Count Me In

    - Coffee Shop Soundtrack

    - Damned If You Do (Damned If You Don't)


    - Yellow

    - Fix You

    - Speed Of Sound

    - A message

    - Viva La Vida

    - The Hardest Part


    - Princess

    - Shimmy A Go Go

    - Back Of My Head

    [You May Not Be Able To Get Them If You're In America. They're A little Aussie Band So I'm Not Sure If They Broad Cast Internationally!]


    - Bones

    - Mr. Brightside

    - All The Things I Have Done

    - Andy You're A Star

    - When You Were Young

    - Glamourous Indie Rock And Roll


    - Baby, It's Fact

    - All Of Your Love


    - Viva La Gloria! [Make not there are two songs by G.D with this title. The only difference is the other ones called "Viva La Gloria?", both are good songs!]

    - Last Night Of Earth

    - East Jesus Nowhere

    - Restless Heart Syndrome

    - Jesus Of Suburbia

    - St.Jimmy

    - Give Me Novacaine

    - Homecoming

    - Whatsername

    - Longview

    - Pulling Teeth

    - When I Come Around

    - Brain Stew

    - Redundant

    - King For Day

    - You Lied

    - Minority


    - Welcome To The Black Parade

    - Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

    - I Don't Love You

    - I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

    - Helena

    - Disenchanted

    - Famous Last Words


    - Brown Sugar

    - Satisfaction

    - Jumping Jack Flash

    - Paint It Black


    - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

    - Across The Universe

    - Baby, You Can Drive My Car

    - Hold My Hand

    - Let It Be

    - Strawberry Fields Forever

    - Hello Goodbye


    - Come Around Again

    - Shine On

    - Lazy Gun

    - Get What You Need

    - Look What You've Done

    - Cold Hard B*tch


    - Mind's Eye

    - Joker And The Theif

    - Woman

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Guns N Roses: Sweet Child O' Mine, Don't Cry, Welcome to the jungle, paradise city, you could be mine, rocket queen, and give in to me by michael jackson and slash. Slash is the guitarist for guns n roses and did the song with mj. I love G N' R lol . .

    Def Leppard- pour some sugar on me

    Night ranger- sister christian

    aerosmith- dream on

    Quiet riot- *** on feel the noize

    whitesnake- here i go again

    . . . If you like these songs, just contact me for more. Hope you like em'

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  • 4 years ago

    Make Em Say Ugh?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Anything along the lines of this. I have to have chill music when it comes to the car.


    Youtube thumbnail


    Try Red Hot Chili Peppers...

    Led Zeppelin

    Eagle Eye Cherry



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  • 1 decade ago

    Gonna say something nobody else has, as its all about different opinions..

    If you're into softer stuff, try some Noel Gallagher (Oasis songwriter, guitarist and backup singer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iAOkHIj7l8

    Youtube thumbnail

    Oasis as a band are great, I was lucky enough to see them on 17th june.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p29MG7wn4F8

    Youtube thumbnail

    Similar to The Beatles as they were a huge influence on Oasis

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sleepyhead by Passion Pit

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  • 1 decade ago

    vegas by all time low

    la la lie by jack's mannequin

    watch the sky by something corporate

    time fo your life by green day

    jamie all over by mayday parade

    hush by automatic loveletter

    never say never by the fray

    slide by goo goo dolls

    big city dreams by nevershoutnever

    what's my age again by blink 182

    i like what you say by nada surf

    daylight by matt and kim

    i'm taking you with me by relient k

    all these things that i have done(uk version) by the killers

    drops of jupiter by train

    crashing by jack's mannequin

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Youtube thumbnail

    Well we've been around this great big world

    And we've met all kinds of guys and girls

    From Kamoto Islands to Rockaway Beach

    No, it's not hard, not far to reach

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