I really need a solution for noise pollution!?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had a good fix for me to maintain my sanity. :( I live on one of the many tight streets of Philadelphia. I have to keep all my windows open for ventilation. However, even when I do close them it doesn't even begin to negate the endless, nauseating, maddening screaming coming from across the street. I can't call the cops. I should not have to move. And a logical neighborly conflict resolution discussion is out of the question due to my neighbors frequent visit to iron-barred "vacation homes."

We have 3 babies screaming every 20 seconds, 6 or more adolescents from who knows where screaming, and loud conversations across 3 to 4 homes. Not to mention the nightly rumbles and a 2 ton degenerate degenerate cursing out her young-lings while foaming at the mouth. You guessed it; no one at the said residence has a job or a life. I however work and study from home and should not have to pay rent for an apartment and spend my days in the library (or blow out my own ears with headphones) to avoid an endless cacophony of ignorant hood dwellers. They are outside raising hell from a steady schedule of 8AM to 3:45AM 6 days a week.

Now, my question goes like this: Is there anyway I can deflect this noise away from my residence from the inside? Is there some sort of white noise machine I can put on the window sills to cancel out noise? Or is there such a thing as cordless "sound booth" headphones? Any solution cannot involve me closing my windows. Also, the windows would have to be remodeled or replaced to put in an air conditioner. So, that options out too.

Let me know. Thanks so much and sorry for the rant.

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    There are two ways you can diminish sound.

    One is passive, meaning you need to put materials that absorb and disperse sound between the source and your ear. This means you'd have to barricade the windows or wear earplugs.

    The other way is active noise cancellation. This is accomplished by placing a microphone near your ear and have electronic circuitry and a speaker that generates the "anti-sound" which cancels out the original sound.

    There are devices that do this, they're called "noise canceling headphones". Search the web for this term or ask a clerk at your local electronic/acoustic shop. With these you can listen to music at a lower volume than you'd need to with regular headphones in order to drown out the ambient noise.

    This unfortunately means that you'd need to wear headphones all the time. You can't simply put noise-cancelation speakers on your window sill because of the way sound propagates through air. You'd need many microphones and many speakers at different positions to have true noise cancelation throughout your apartment.

  • Well, you have a few options.

    1) Buy comfortable, conformable earplugs.

    2) Buy head-phones

    3) Listen to calming music through head-phones, or "white noise".

    4) Frequently yell death threats to the noisy neighbours

    5) Eat the babies so they do not scream

    6) Put up or hang a tall, wide, wood plank, and put on in and outside the window (not touching, but close enough to deflect most of the noise).

    Hope this helps

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