i just noticed that myphone has the mobile yahoo i.m app . does it charge me if i use it?

i have t-mobile andd i dont have the data plann. but it lets me sign in and everything...

umm i have the samsung behold.

ok .. now i noticed tht on mii yahoo im thngg oon the comp it has a place where i type my number and it snd me text whenn ppl message me and i can message bakk . .but the app onn my phone let me sign in .andd tlk to ppl .etc.. am i being charged??? pllzz let me knoww..!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You will be charged data time if you use the app. However, if you sign into your phone using yahoo's sms services, you won't. As long as you have unlimited texing or don't use more than your aallotted texts.

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