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What is a sure fire way to keep my Jack Russell from jumping on me and the kids?

I have yet been able to find a site that actually answers my question. I have a Jack/Pug (jug) and she is a nut! Can somone tell me a way to keep this dog from jumping up on my kids also can someone please direct me to the off button for the dog!!! Please help.

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  • Ellen
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    Teach alternative behaviors, and ask for them before she gets a chance to jump up.

    Practice, over and over, until greeting you with those behaviors, instead of jumping up, is habit.

    You can teach: targeting your hand with her nose (a favorite of mine, because you can hold your hand down so she has to have four paws on the floor to do it, and it helps kids remember not to pull their hands away and flail), kiss, sit.

    Even asking for a trained active trick can give her something to do instead of jumping up. Heck, you can even teach tricks that involve jumping up to touch a non-human target, get up on a surface, or go through a hoop, to satisfy the urge to jump in a non-harmful way.

    Also, play Go Wild and Freeze, described on this page:

    It's great for installing an "off" switch, especially with active kids.

  • Greta
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    4 years ago

    Jack Russells are great dogs when they are in the right circumstances. Apartments are not ideal living conditions for one though unless you are going to be home a lot and have tons of time to take it out to exercise. They seriously have sooo much energy that you need a few hours a day to be out and about with them. Even then they will come home and want to play all day and night....they never stop!!!!!! I have a jack russell and I absolutely adore the breed. They need a lot of training and activity to keep them busy. They are extremely smart but will constantly test you. It is like having a kid that is how much attention they want and need...hahah they never leave you alone.

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    You just know there are batteries there somewhere. I don't know why vets can't find the batteries. I also believe some puppies have ADD. For 'no jumping" I say "no jumping" or "shame" and lift the legs off of me and dance the puppy backwards. When the puppy sits, I say "good girl" They don't like to be danced backwards, so that doesn't take long to train, and the kids can do it too. You might use a leash with training, I can't picture how tall this puppy is.

  • moof
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    Exercise, first of all. Your description of her as a "nut" makes her sound like she has too much energy. If you aren't exercising her sufficiently, I can't blame her for jumping. She has to get rid of that excess energy somehow, doesn't she? Remember, she's half terrier. While Pugs may be a bit more relaxed, terriers are meant to be extremely active and determined little dogs. She needs proper stimulation.

    Secondly, you need to be consistent. Whatever method you choose, STICK TO IT. Otherwise, she'll keep jumping because you'll still be fun and unpredictable.

    The method I recommend:

    If it works for 200-pound Mastiffs, I imagine it'll work for your little dog.

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    Well first of all, well done for looking for help. She might be small, but they still pack a bite! Put a few rocks in a plastic bottle. When she goes to jump up, shake it up and down quickly, then command her to get down. Most dogs hate the sound this makes and gets their attention for sure. Good luck!

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    lol...Terriers are always on! They need a lot of exercise because they are very intelligent and get bored fast.

    Try a training class at PetSmart. Not very $$ and you'll learn tricks first hand.

    The trick is too not acknowledge or give them attention when they do something wrong, but only when they do it right.

    Source(s): 6 2 terriers: A 2 yr old Westie that is my 'challenge' child and a 9 year old cairn that is the pack leader, even tho she's only 18 pounds.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He he...keep a short leash on him. When he's excited or about to jump up on people, step on the leash (at a point where he can only lay or stand, but not jump)...and stand there until he calms down. Repeat as necessary...he will learn eventually.

  • JenVT
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    1 decade ago

    lol! welcome to the world of the terrier owner. terriers don't have an "off" button. To keep her from jumping will just take patience and consistency. When she does it either turn around and say "no" or gently push her off and say "no". If all else fails they make harnesses to keep dogs from jumping, but it can be done through behavior modification training.

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    Carry squirt guns with citronella in them.

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    im with JenVT

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