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what those words mean?

i'm translating "sunshine cleaning" subtitle, and there is some terms and shorts i can't understand can anyone tell me what is mean?

"sharp cookie"

"BBP certification"


"straight edge"

"Tress Ling"


if you know one tell me please


BBP: (the mean of short BBP)

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    sharp cookie - somebody smart

    BBP certification - certified by the BBP

    SP250 - sunscreen that lasts 250 minutes

    straight edge - no drinking or smoking or sex

    "Tress Ling" - no idea, a name?

    A.S.S - somebody's butt

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    Straight edge is a kind of mentality or view that's popped up in the last years. Followers refuse to drink alcohol, smoke, or take drugs but still do parties on which they behave like they are on drugs... It sounds weird, but I think that's what they're talking about here.

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