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Amusement Parks in NJ?

Does anyone have any day trip ideas in New Jersey that is an amusement park. Preferably something like Six Flags: Great Adventure in Jackson.

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    Try Dorney Park Or google it. Hope this helps!

    Source(s): I live in New Jersey
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    Well, in Pennsylvania, which is right next door... you can visit three amusement parks. I rank them from best to not as good... Keep in mind, all are splendid!

    Hersheypark in Hershey, PA. It has eleven roller coasters, a huge waterpark, plenty of games and a variety of foods. The people are friendly, and since it's a smaller town, it's not as busy as Six Flags or Cedar Point. :]

    Dorney Park: I have never been there, personally, but it's also in Pennsylvania. My best friend says that's her favorite place to go... it's similar to Hersheypark in that it has the smaller town feel.

    Knoebles: Has great rides and everything. You can either buy an all day pass, or you can buy per ride (sort of like a carnival). It's closer to the Philadelphia area, which is closer to NJ.

    Source(s): :] Amusement park lover, and employed by Hersheypark.
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    Yep, that would make a GREAT day! Be sure to ride Kingda Ka before you leave!!

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