How do I get this boy to like me?

Im 13 years old and I have a crush on this boy named Thomas in my school. He's really cool and nice. I liked him since 6th grade but we got closer in 7th grade. He texts me a lot and is like an older brother to me ( he's in 8th grade) but he doesn't like like me. Like, there was this boy Austin that always used to pick on me cause I had " a rounded toosh" and thomas would actually kick austin in his balls, pick me up, and carry me away. I know, it's wierd but thats how he is. Would it be weird for me to ask him out?

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    1 decade ago
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    to admit, well iti would be a little weird. This is what you have to do, when your talking to thomas give him little hints that you like him and try to get asmuch information as u can to if he would go out with you. Dotn make it to suddle.

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  • crssy
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    1 decade ago

    omg im going out with a boy named thomas that i meet in the 6th grade and then we started going out in the 7th grade and now we are going to be in the eighth grade haha how funny hes best friends name is austin

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