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Does Sacha Baron Cohen play Bruno?

I know he created and played Ali G and Borat but Bruno looks so different and i was wondering did they employ a new actor for him?

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    Yes it is Cohen. and one other thing, for Enigmatic, Be warned, that movie is REALLY graphic. To the point of them having to put warning signs outside of my theatre, and most likely many others. And at alot of theatres you have to at least 17 to even enter the theatre, even if you have an adult with you! ARIES IT IS SACHA YOU IDIOT! L2Knowthings

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    Bruno is one of Shacha Baron Cohen's characters. He was a minor character on the Ali G show. But Bruno looks a lot different now than he did in the ALi G show.

    Source(s): This a clip of him from an episode of the ALi G show
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    Sacha is Bruno


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    Yeah it is Sacha Baron Cohen

    Can't wait to see the film!

    He just looks so different because he's had to get his whole body waxed, a blonde sweeping haircut and he wears make-up now aswell.

    When I first saw the advert outside the cinema I didn't even know it was him either.


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  • Of course he did. Bruno was a character he did on his Ali G. show.

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    No Sasha plays bruno

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    haha yeah he plays Bruno

    Source(s): big fan
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    no he is the creator of all those great characters

    and yes he did play Bruno :)

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    Yeapp he did . Didnt you know that hes a chameleon and can blend in well? I loved borat and I cant wait to watch Bruno.

    Answer mine?

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    um.. yeah he played Borat too

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