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Can tennis shoes be used for badminton?

Mistakenly I bought a tennis shoe from adidas, they told me that adituff shoes can be used for badminton. Can it be used for badminton?


but the shoes says for tennis

Update 2:

please help, so i can return the merchandise

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    I assume you are playing on an indoor court (wooden gym flooring). If this is the case, tennis shoes will work. But they aren't going to be the best thing for you. Once the tread wears down even a little, you can sometimes find yourself sliding around on those wooden floors.

    My suggestion would be to look for volleyball shoes. They're made for use on those slicker floors (have great traction on smooth surfaces). And they're also made for movements similar to what you'll do in badminton. But I wouldn't recommend wearing these anywhere but on the court. If you get too much dirt on the outsoles, you'll lose a lot of that traction.

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    Used Tennis Shoes

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    Please ignore a lot of the answers that say "why not"? The answer is yes they can but tennis shoes are heavier and slightly less flexible and hence not conducive for jump shots. The soles for hardcourts can be used on wooden badminton courts. However the tennis shoes used on clay/grass need to be avoided for badminton as traction will increase thereby increasing chances of injury due to the shoes staying where they are and your body moving when you make sudden movements. If you regularly play both games, i suggest you get specific shoes. I do not suggest using badminton shoes on tennis courts as the soles will wear out really fast on tennis hard courts.

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    The out soles will last on a hard tennis court for about a week! Badminton shoes are made for smooth wooden floors and tennis courts are much harder and rougher than that, so your shoes won't last.

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    Well it depends what shoes you are wearing for what surface. Tennis shoes that will be used on a hard court can be used for badminton. However, if you have tennis shoes for grass or clay courts, I highly advise you should not be wearing them for badminton.

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    I heard for my local sport shop that tennis shoes are heavier compare to badminton shoes cos you need not have to do any jump smash.

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    Yes, I wear Addidas and Reebok while playing Badminton. You need good cushioning. Sometimes wooden courts can be tough.

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    Why wouldn't you be able to? You can use whatever type of shoes you would like. It's just a mixture of tennis and volleyball. I'm not sure if this is a serious question.

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    no, i think badminton uses lighter shoes as they have to jump to smash, tennis needs no jumping but running.

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