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    The PF is the page file, which is an amount of space set aside by the operating system (windows) to use when your memory gets low. When it does, it will use the page file as "virtual ram". It's not really memory, but the computer uses it as such. It's nothing to be concerned about. Click the link for further info

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  • 1 decade ago

    pf means Page file, its used by ur system as it uses RAM.

    pf can definately increases ur system performance. To set that

    go to system properties>advance>performance>advance and then Virtual memory

    select a drive where u wish to save ur Pf ( this should have enough free disk space)

    and for best results select custom size

    intial size should be equals to final size and should be Greater than 2times of your RAM

    say if ur RAM is 1024 MB


    pf size should be more than 2048 MB

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  • 1 decade ago

    it is page file.

    It is important to keep it enabled.

    Basically it uses some space on your hard drive to act as RAM in the case programs use up all of your ram, This keeps your pc from crashing if the programs use up all your RAM.

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