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How can I change Sid Meiers Pirates controls for laptop?

Ok, I own Sid Meiers Pirates for PC, but I have a laptop, which has no numpad. How can I change the controls to a different set of keys?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I did some checking online and it looks like you got 2 solutions.

    You can turn your laptop into a numpad by holding the Fn key and then pressing 890, uio, jkl as they should have blue numbers somewhere. Consider it an improvised numpad. A couple of those keys may be off but just look at your keyboard for the blue numbers in that area. It's set up like a numpad.

    It also looks like a patch was released for the game and it has a Keyboard Map.ini file that you can use to remap the keys. Not sure how exactly it works but I'd bet you double click the file and get some sort of option.

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