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Anyone recommend me cheap hotel or guest house in Chiang Mai. Thailand?

Hi, I'm looking for cheap hotel or may be guest house in Chiang Mai near to night market, we are 2 women going to Chiang Mai to learn Thai massage at Loi Khorr road. we're looking for medium room may be 2 bed in room. Would prefer recommendations from someone that have actually stayed there.

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    There aren't any really cheap guesthouses near to the night market..but a 5 to 10 minute walk and you can be in a lovely, quiet area of the city. Pao Come guesthouse was a favorite of mine, with lovely, simple wooden interiors and rooms for 200 baht per night. It's on Chang Moi Soi 3 Rd.

    Crossing over into the central moat (15 minute walk to the night market) are loads of cheap guesthouses. Nocky House, on Moon Muang Soi 9 (200 to 350 baht), Napa's House on Moon Muang Soi 8 (150 or 200 baht per night) and Grace House on Moon Muang Soi 9 (150 baht, simple rooms, quiet) are all nice.

    If you really need to stay very close to the night market area, there's Siriya House by the river on Charoen Prathet Soi 2 Rd, but that's between 400 and 600 baht.

    The walks around the streets are lovely and traffic free, so a 10 or 15 minute walk is very leisurely....

    For more info with maps and details, includes photos of the above places, head to this page:

    www.thailand-travel-help.com Then click on the Chiang Mai page.

    Happy massage training :)

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    I stayed at CM Blue House. Very clean and quiet accomodation close to weekend street market only like 5-10 minute walk. It is in the northeastern part of the old city which is where a lot of other guest houses are. I paid about $12 US without air condition. I went in December so it was cool. You should know that Chiang Mai is cooler than Bangkok so it's not always necessary to get air condition. You can save money by getting a room with only fan. The manager was Steve who was a nice man. He let me keep my luggage after I checked out and walked around. He also gave me a good map of the city and told me what places to see like Doi Suthep and other popular wats.

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    Actually I stayed in Chiang Mai in a upper class hotel.

    I found out that there are many more chances to find the right accommodation by reading the hotel's guest comments and rating.

    This website http://www.axolotlvillage.com offer discounted accommodation rates, you can read guest comments and you can see Chiang Mai map with the hotels location.

    The rates are usually for the room. If you share the room, you will pay half each. During the reservation, specify "twin beds".

    Wish you a good time in Chiang Mai

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    Try new guest house, Bed and Terrace Chiang Mai, I saw from internet and go to stay there. The room is so good, clean and quite. Hmm very near LoyKhor as well. Not too much rooms, do book before check-in there. ( http://www.bedandterrace.com )

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    4 years ago, I stayed in a place called "Tawan Court", just 2 blocks away from the night bazaar in Chiangmai. It cost us 500 Thai Baht per night or equivalent to 15 $. The room is clean and very cozy.

    Check out their website at http://www.tawancourt.com

    Before I got to this place, I went around the town, seeking a very cheap guest house on every single road, but I found that it was not worth money at all. The average price of those guest houses are about 150 - 300 Baht per night, depending on options you pick, i.e. shared bathroom, fan or air-conditioned and etc.

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    Suriwongse Hotel... I always stay there if go to Chiang Mai <normally at least once a year>.. cuz it is reasonable price with good location... try this to see where is it http://www.discovery-thailand.com/Hotels%20Map%20P... and may try to compare with other hotels you like on the map.. have a nice day

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    when in Chiang Mai I used to stay at Montri Hotel, this hotel hs its own restaurant,is clean, comfortable and not too expensive,you can both share the same room,it is on the corner of Th Moon Muang

    Source(s): have stayed twice in Chiang Mai
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    Loi Kroh is not that long a road - - if you stay near the night bazaar, it will be more expensive - there are far more choices on the other end of Loi Kroh road - and several down side streets off it - - CM has a ton of inexpensive guesthouses - - they are truly everywhere.

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    Another vote for the Montri Hotel. I have used it several times. Internet shops nearby, easy walk to restaurants, travel agencies near for tours. Hotel has several types of rooms but all have air and in room toilets plus hot water and TV. Elevators work. Safety box at front lobby.

    Good luck.

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    Na Inn close to Tha Phae Gate,Night Bazaar and Sunday Walking Street.

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