(ONLY for diabetics who use insulin pumps)?

Hey there! I was just wondering, what is the best and worst part about changing your insulin pump and how long does it usually take? I was also wondering, what pump do you use and are there any disadvantages about them? Thanx!!!

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    I use a mdetronics 722. I takes me about 3 minutes to change infusion sets. I don't se any downside of insulin pumps.

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    I am a type 1 on a pump and I have been pumping for 9 yrs. I did not want a pump till my friend got 1 and I saw it working for her. I could not give up my pump today. The control is so much better. The only disadvantage is when I swim I take it off. (no really disadvantage ) I use The Medtronic Paradigm pump. I change my site about every 3-4 days and it only takes about 10 minutes maybe less. I know I could not live without my pump and would not want to

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  • Noccie
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    My son is a pumper. The best part about changing the pump site is that it is easy, seems to hurt less than a shot, and only has to be done every three days. It takes a few seconds to do.

    He uses a Minimed pump. The disadvantage is that it is always there, even when you are sleeping. It's also a bit obvious because of the tube, but he can tuck that away if he bothers to take the time. He's had few problems with the pump and other than the fact that it's always there, I can't think of any disadvantages.

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    I'm not a pumper (but am hoping to get one soon). If you want info on insulin pumps go to www.tudiabetes.com its a community for diabetics and there are lots of members there who asked the same -and other different questions- so you might find it helpful.

    Hope I Helped!

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