This might sound ridiculous, but why on earth are soldiers put on such a Pedestal?

I know it's protecting the nation, blah blah blah, but they are human beings paid to murder other innocent people. We make such a big deal over how Iraqi soldiers are murderers when they kill our troops, and we're no different. I don't think people realize this. There is no honor to the individual who goes out to kill someone with a family and future.

There are better ways to fight than to kill. I've done some research--16,204 people, on average, are murdered yearly in the US, compared to 6,450 in Iraq. It's apalling. If the government paid more attention to the homicides of it's own people instead of spending billions on killing others and protecting other nations, there'd be a lot less people dead annually.

I don't get it.



And I'm not all "anti-USA' or anything, and I don't support Iraq, but I'd move to Canada or something if I could.

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  • mannon
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    1 decade ago
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    To get others to 'join up."

    To justify our actions, especially when we kill innocents. I'm thinking Israel and their most recent destruction of Gaza. and their embargo preventing the Palestinians travelling to Egypt to get the basic necessities of life- like concrete for rebuilding...yes, I've taken up with the unpopular side...

    To celebrate death.

    I think that in a few cases putting soldiers on a pedestal is justifiable, specifically in WWII (except for the fire-bombing of Dresden.) Too, I find I am less opposed to the war in Afghanistan, if it is properly directed against the Taliban.

    To keep the "glory of war" in the headlines, rather than, say, what on earth was Cheney's secret "counter-terrorism cell" really doing??

    My, I'm feeling political tonight, must be the breaking news about Cheney, and by implication, his "Commander in Chief."

    Maybe I'll edit tomorrow and 'rage against the machine' a little less.

    Then again, maybe not.

    Meantime, bring on those "thumbs down."

    *Edit* "I love my country, but I fear my government"

    *Edit* Beutiful answer, reader.

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  • Logan
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    1 decade ago

    Have you actually researched any of the stuff you are spewing through reliable sources? Iraqi's accept a certain level of corruption in their military and government that would appall Americans. When was the last time an "Iraqi Soldier" killed an American troop? That would imply uniforms, organized forces, or that we were actually at war with Iraq as a nation currently. If killing someone sitting on a hill setting off IED's to blow up convoy's moving supplies is the same as killing an innocent person with a family and a future, then I don't think I can convince you of anything.

    Iraq's population is around 31 million and the U.S. population is around 307 million. When you plug your statistics into those numbers, suddenly the death rate in Iraq shoots up significantly if the reported amount is even close to that actual amount murdered.

    Soldiers spend a lot more time and training to become moral individuals capable of sacrificing themselves for a greater good than the average American citizen. They generally come back from war that they were ordered to go to feeling disenfranchised by douches like you who have not a clue what you are talking about because you haven't stopped running your mouth long enough to learn anything.

    We don't put soldiers on a pedestal because of anything related to killing other people, it is everything else that goes into a soldier and the sacrifices they make. The problem is that protecting this nation involves alot more than what you give them credit for. They deter and prevent more threats than anyone realizes could occur. Try not doing anything to secure the waterways and air space for international trade and see how long the global economy or America's economy thrives. If you act like threats don't exist at all, they will eventually show up an prove you wrong.

    If you think Canada is an awesome place, then move there. You said you can't, but I am not sure what is stopping you. I bet if someone was getting ready to kill your whole family tomorrow you would be crying like a little girl to have a soldier or a cop show up to protect them. Sheepdogs, Wolves, and Sheep. You my friend are the sheep.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    On the contrary, we don't give them ENOUGH respect. Instead our stupid media glorifies sports stars and actors, calling them "heroes" while the real heroes get overlooked daily.

    As Reader said, our soldiers do more than just "kill people." They are FAR from paid murderers. You clearly have NO idea what you're talking about.

    America didn't decide "hey we don't like Iraqis, lets send some of our soldiers over there to kill them all!" There are *reasons* our people are over there, and they are fighting for a cause, not just to kill people.

    Many people disagree with this war, but I don't think anyone educated would say our soldiers have accomplished nothing there.

    When a person signs up to join the military they are volunteering their life to defend our nation from enemies. They will go wherever they are needed, they will fight in whatever way is required, and they will do what a good portion of the rest of the American population is unwilling to do. Being a soldier is far from easy, and having a soldier in the family is extremely hard as well.

    Don't you think if nations could do without armies and without ever fighting to defend themselves, that they would have figured it out a long time ago?

    Canada is America's hat. Go ahead and move there, it won't make you any less ignorant. I advise trying to learn more about a subject before asking inane questions like this.

  • reader
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    1 decade ago

    Oh, yeah, that's quite the pedestal you have going on there. Many feel as you do, many feel differently and in a whole spectrum of ways.

    One thing that I think it is important to remember is that our soldiers, in Iraq and elsewhere, do much more than kill. Many soldiers never fire their weapon at an enemy.

    Any time a person one-dimensionalizes something as complex as warfare or reduces the individuals involved to cartoon characters any ability for insight is lost.

    I am not a supporter of this war, or of any other within my lifetime, but I have had the good fortune to be friends with someone who served a couple of tours in Iraq and I gained a whole lot of perspective from my conversations with him.

    The world does not come in black and white and none of us are well served by single minded judgement. Try being kind, try looking for more than first meets your eye. Try realizing that there is a world of things which you do not know.

    Every soldier, in whatever army, is a person first.

    ***Edit) Thank you, mannon. I like yours as well.

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  • yule
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    4 years ago

    i won't say that we are submit on pedestals, yet we would get somewhat better know at times from some electorate. That know in many situations comes from persons that the two have a relatives member or pal it quite is presently serving interior the defense force or has served interior the defense force themselves in some unspecified time interior the destiny. And that know is from those human beings acknowledging that i gave various years of my existence to this united states, as a fashion to help in making specific our borders and rights to freedom are secure against our enemies. It does not make me any better then everybody else, notwithstanding it does experience solid whilst somebody says thank you for assisting preserve america. risk-free practices Forces, USMC.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hmm, murdering innocent people???? To think of it I have never heard of a US servicemember killing an Iraqi civilian. I'm sure hash smoking insurgents who want to kill Christians and Americans and want to slit your kid's throat, have a future. How about we just back out and have the war on our land, with people who actually have a future. So you are saying there is no honor keeping you safe???? To do a job you don't have the guts to do? The reason murder rates are high in iraq is because Al Qaeda just kills their own people. Since when did you hear American soldiers were doing this? Ok, so don't spend money protecting nations. How would you like a war in your backyard? Do you want some insurgent coming in your house and using it as a hideout for terrorists? Your logic is wrong. There would be thousands and of more dead. And go take your @$$ to Canada. Who said you can't? Oh yeah, that's right. We live in a free country, because of the brave!!!!!!!


    I'm willing to chip in my $100 for you to leave:).

  • Lee B
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    1 decade ago

    Well, there are soldiers in Canada and other countries, so be prepared to carry your self-righteous indignation with you. How hard can it be to emigrate to Canada? Hell, the general populace would likely embrace you.

    Here's why American soldiers matter: They are willing to bleed for you, your president and government so you don't have to. Also, the U.S. has volunteer armed forces, so people who join up do so for their own reasons. I have friends and relatives who serve and I'm positive none of them are murderers.

    The use of force settles disputes, not high minded ideals. You can sleep well at night knowing dangerous men and women will protect you.

    War is horrible. Collectively, there is choice: Roll over, submit and (likely) die or answer it so as to protect yourself and your interests.

    Do you really think any answer is going to sway you? This is your belief. I may disagree with it, but you have your reasons. That should be enough. Stand up for your beliefs, just don't expect others to accept them. Hating violence is not "anti-USA"; it's sane, but violence is a fact of life.

  • You're right, it is ridiculous.

    The soldiers who you don't think should be on a pedestal give their lives so that your freedoms are protected, and you can say stupid things like this.

    And murder rates in the different countries?

    Iraq Population: 31,234,000

    US Population: 306,900,000

    Almost 10 times as many people live in the US than Iraq... do the math.

    Please, go to Canada, you are a waste of space.

  • 1 decade ago

    Thank you for showing someone can put their head so far up their @ss, I didn't know you could. Now I know the thought that you are a a a dumb@ss for even posting this question on here was stupid. You know why you can talk all the s**t you want is cuz of the miltary protect your rights. Please move...... We'll ask for donations. Hey you could move to china yeah you would fit in with all the comunist.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm trying to see things from your point of view, but I can't get my head that far up my ***. As for your research maybe you should try researching how these are terrorist killing their own people in iraq. We are trying to eliminate these types of killers. They aren't trying to protect their family. They bomb and kidnap children or use them as suicide bombers. Innocent lives are lost everyday bc of their evil. Yet you are another gutless coward who can't understand that. This isn't some rape and pillaged of families like you see in some vietnam movies.

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