My friend got caught at Wal-mart shoplifting,what will happen?

Also we are all under 18


My friend got caught stealing a muffler tip and cold sore medicine.(personal reasons)

The total came out to 26 something with tax.

Only 1 person stole out of the 5 people that were there.

Later they called the cops and our friend was taken into the cop car

and was set a court date for him. What will happen to him?

4 out of 5 of us got the civil demand letters from wal-mart for $200

and are skeptical to pay the fine because we didn't steal anything.

Should we pay it or no?

Bc i heard that if its over 25 bucks that they can charge against us

but we were not the ones stealing anything.

What would happen if we didn't pay the fine?

Plz Help

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    Here's whats going to happen (I deal with this stuff every day). It does not matter how much the value of the item was. If the store is a "Zero Tolerance Store" or the Local P.D. has a Zero Tolerance Policy in the area then it doesn't matter if it Cost a penny.

    - When figuring out the value, tax is not included.

    You received civil restitution packet in the mail because you were working in coherence or because you were a person with knowledge of the crime commited by someone in your party. You were lucky that you were not criminally trespassed from all wal-mart stores Inc. property which also includes Sam's club and all other company's owned by wal-mart.

    Now for the kicker!

    If you chose to not contact wal-mart and either pay in full or set up a payment plan to repay the civil restitution (and trust me $200 is the cheapest I've seen) then Wal-mart will sue you civilly or if your a minor then they will sue your parents. In wich case, they then start sueing you for legal fees, well.

    I don't know what state your in, but your more than welcome to contact me and I can give you the name and contact information for the lawyer that wal-mart retains in your state or specific area for this unless the AP that stopped you gave it to you all ready.

    P.S. It does not matter that your under 18. It only matters if your under 16. and that only keeps your from going to juvy. And for your friend, if this is his first time and hasnt been in any other trouble, then he'll probably get a few month probation and community service. And if you think your $200 civil restitution is bad, wait till he gets his! minimum $500, but will probably be around $1000, but, it could go as high as $5000 unless he was bleeding in the office and that being a bio-hazard, can take it as high as replacing everything from the paint and tile to the furniture and equipment in the office.

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    He deserves whatever comes to him. Sorry.

    You guys may have to pay it, both because Wal-Mart is a huge corporation, and it may come out to be guilt-by-association.

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    WalMart is tougher on shoplifting than almost anyone. They will go to court and try to put your friend away. He better get a good lawyer.

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    I didn't get past cold sore medication, sorry.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You'll get sent to the jail for stupid people.

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