do boomerangs really come back? is there a special way?

someone i know just got a boomerang from australia and she wants to know if there is a way you can throw them to make them come back? please help she really wants to know! thanks so much

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    Absolutely they come back. I used to throw mine and it would travel across the street over the houses and back to me . One time it came back so close it hit my little sister in the head be for i could catch it. It was a cheap plywood one. I had several of them as they would eventually break. I also had a plastic one. All mine cheap ones about 18 inches long and were great. Who knows what she was sold in Australia.

    What she should try is .this.

    Go some place soft and grassy so you dont break the boomer when it crashes to the ground aas you are learning.

    First you need a place without trees and stuff, like a park.

    Then hold the boomer buy one end with the side that curves out towards you ,and the elbow pointing up.

    Then you are going to fling it pretty hard. If you fling it softly it will fall to the ground. You have to fling it as if you were throwing a base ball fast.

    It is a wing and needs air pasting over it to make it fly. Just like an airplane wing.

    So , she has it in hand, the elbow is pointing up, the surface that is curved out is facing her head.

    Now you raise your arm as if you going throw a base ball.

    Now as you pull your arm back to fling it.

    You hold the boomer almost vertical..

    Then fling it very hard away from you and up slightly.

    You determine the size of the circle it will fly buy the angle you hold it at when you fling it.

    But you have to throw it fast so it can fly.

    Like airplane has to go fast to fly, same thing.


    You do not fling it level with the ground.

    You do fling it almost vertical with the elbow pointing up and out just a little.

    Hopefully you dont throw like a girl, that will make it a little more difficult. But you can do it.

    But you have throw it hard, and it spin very fast .

    Hold it very close to end when you fling it.

    This will make it spin fast as you let it go.

    So fling it hard from the end , so it goes fast and spins fast.

    Dont try to explain this to her, print this page and take it with you when you go try to fly it.

    But i used to fling mine across the street over the houses and back to my front yard.

    It will take you a while to figure it out. I learned really quick, but i was a boy and know how to throw.;) hahaha

    Have fun.

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  • 1 decade ago

    some boomerangs actually come back, but some are big wooden piece of crap ones that may go 10 feet.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Throw it like a knife. Then duck and cover just in case an old lady gets knocked down and goes to the hospital.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it is soooooo hard i don't know how (u can find how some where on the internet) but just playing with mine i got it to turn a little but it was not strong enough to turn all the way around and come back

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  • 1 decade ago
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