Family portrait color ideas?

We plan to get a family portrait done next week and i'm trying to figure out what colors to wear. some say blue jeans with black shirts or khakis with white shirts. We arent the skinniest or the biggest people so we want to stay away from the white shirts not to mention we have a 17 month old and a 5 month old son. too messy. all black just seems depressing.

But we are trying to go cheap. like just wear our blue jeans so if we have to buy anything. Its just a shirt. What about blue on our little boys and black on us? or any other ideas. and if anyone has pictures that would be great. i like to see things to get an idea of how it would actually look.

I just dont want it to look stupid lol. Thanks.

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    Well, I was going to suggest brown and have an example, but I realized my mom doesn't have the family portrait where we're wearing brown online, but she has another one we took that same day in red too, so I can show you that. But I would suggest brown as a nice color because that picture also turned out very nicely.

    Here's the one in red.

    So basically, just imagine us all in brown, and you would have a brown family portrait...just kidding. What we did before this was go through our closets and look at what we had in the same color. No buying any new clothes, we just went with what we had. I hope this helped a bit, good luck!

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    Hi - I worked as a photographer for Lifetouch - the big thing is to coordinate your colors - and avoid busy patterns. White can easily add pounds to people - some white is ok - but try to avoid too much of it. A good casual look is blue jeans with a black shirt. A more formal look on a budget is kahki jeans/shorts with a blue or red shirt. Try to avoid strikingly bold colors like hot pink, etc - as they distract from the person.

    Just rembmer if you are having a family portrait done you want to be the focus - not what your wearing - and not the backdrop. You want the first thing people see is you, followed by what you are wearing and the backdrop.

    Some good examples can be found by going to the lifetouch website at

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    Maybe you could all wear different colors, and black is not a color, its a shade, my sister has an art class and bugs me about it all of the time, neither is white. Wear brighter colors to look cheerful.

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