Techs/Pros only please - final sanity check before replacing motherboard?

My XP machine was blue screening and yesterday I went to replace the OS, but got all sorts of wierd errors.

1. machine boots to post then hangs

2. machine wont boot to post – stops at various stages before post complete

3. boot logo covered in gibberish

4. checksum error

5. gets past post then hangs on boot (again)

So as you can see the error is far from consistent. Seems like a different fault pops up each time I boot. No hardware changes occurred before the errors started popping up.

My question is, should I just replace the motherboard outright? or is there something I should check or tick off before swapping it for a new one?

Should I be checking ram and cpu seating etc or can I just assume that this motherboard is gone the way of the dodo?

Thanks for any advice offered


PLEASE only answer if you have extensive experience with hardware diagnostics. I need an informed answer, not speculation (new motherboard costs quite a bit!!) THANKYOU

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    It is impossible to say with 100% certainty that yes it is your motherboard or yes it is this or that. However, in most cases if a motherboard is faulty, then you won't even be able to power your computer on, or see a boot screen. However, if during or shortly after boot or during OS load, your system crashes, then the culprit is most likely your memory (RAM). Directly after boot is when information begins being written to your memory. If the memory is faulty, then a 0 that should have been a 1, is improperly written to the memory, and the system crashes. Because of the nature of how and where the information is written to the memory causes the sporadic and inconsistent errors.

    If you have multiple sticks of memory in your computer, then you can test this by removing one and testing the system. If it fails then try the other and see if it works.

    It would also be helpful to know what types of BSoD you were getting. If there was any physical dump of memory then your memory is definately corrupt.

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    Have you done a cmos clear? 24 hour clear? Have you tried to boot into safe mood(hit F8 after splash screen?

    #3 indicates it is corrupt video drivers safe mood should work or help.

    What did you do before the problems?

    You give no system info other than the OS? But you want help?

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    One of you hardware is broken down from top to bottom,the are sorted by the chance of broken of your hardward.


    Your Ram is broken,some memory location work unstable.Because when power up the machine,some startup instructions and initialized configurataion is loaded to ram, if the location is used to store this data is broken,the system will be unusable as you can see.

    2.Graphic card:

    Check the slot if is it external graphic card,but if it's built in graphic card the chance of broken RAM is on almost case (Built in graphic card using shared RAM on system as it memory)

    3.ROM chip is broken, so try to download bios version appropriate with your mobo from manufactured and reflash it.

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    Test RAM and power supply first. memtest86 also on Ubuntu Linux Live CD , which can be used to do other tests.

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