Oreos getting soggy in milk.?

My boyfriend just asked me a very scientific question. He took a Golden Oreo, and put it in a glass of chocolate milk for a few minutes to try to get it soggy. He even pushed it all the way under with a spoon to get it completely covered. It did not get soggy. He said it stayed hard and crunchy. Then he decided to try white milk. The Oreo was soggy in seconds. He wants to know why, and if the chocolate had anything to do with it. Please answer because he will drive me nuts until I give him some sort of explanation!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hi...It has the needed elements in it to achieve the accurate Constancy to change the cookie.remember,they didn't really use all these kinds of milks when they made the recipe;but there probably working on it! Blessed Be....!

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