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Why not vote for Governor or any politicians from States with the lowest deficit?

Let's vote for someone from States under $1 billion dollars deficit.

Utah - State Budget Deficit - $1.0 billion

Mitt Romney should run again.

Tennessee - State Budget Deficit - $1.0 billion

Fred Thompson or Al Gore should run for President again

Hawaii - State Budget Deficit - $978 million

Linda Linge, a Republican Governor, should run for President

Missouri - State Budget Deficit - $923 million

John Ashcroft should run for President, he was a former Governor

Iowa - State Budget Deficit - $779 million

Chet Culver, a democrat Governor, should run for President

South Carolina - SBD - $725 million

Strom Thurman, should run for President, why not?

Maine - SBD - $640 million

Angus King (Independent) and John Baldacci (democrat)

Oklahoma - SBD - $600 million

Frank Keating (republican) or Brad Henry (democrat)

Rhode Island - SBD - $590 million

Lincoln C. Almond (republican) or Donald Carcieri (republican)

Delaware - SBD - $557 million

Ruth Ann Minner (democrat) or Jack Markell (democrat)

Mississippi - SBD - $480 million

Ronnie Musgrove (D) or Haley Barbaour (R)

Idaho - SBD - $411 million

Jim Risch (R) or Butch Otter (R)

New Mexico - SBD - $345 million

Bill Richardson, a Governor, should run again

Vermont - SBD - $278 million

Howard Dean (D) should run for President again

New Hampshire - SBD - $250 million

Craig Benson (R) or John Lynch (D)

West Virginia - SBD - $200 million

Bob Wise (D) or Joe Manchin (D)

Nebraska - SBD - $150 million

Kay A. Orr or Mike Johanns or Dave Heineman (all Republicans)

Arkansas - SBD - $146 million

Huckabee should run for President again...

Wyoming - SBD - $32 million

Jim Geringer (R) or Dave Freudenthal (D)

South Dakota - SBD - $32 million

Mike Rounds (R)

North Dakota - SBD - none

Ed Schafer or John Hoeven (both Republicans)

Montana - SBD - none

Judy Martz (Republican) or Brian Schweitzer (D)

Oregon - State Budget Deficit - none

John Kitzhaber or Ted Kulongoski (both Democratic)

Texas - SBD - $3.5 billion

Ron Paul should run for President again....

Maybe they can help us reduce US deficit....

I hope they run for President before 2012

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    You need to first calculate it on a per person basis. For example, California has approximately 20 times the number of people as Hawaii. On a per capita basis, the deficits of California and Hawaii are pretty similar.

    The other thing with the list is figuring out how to give credit for the budget. For example, John Ashcroft hasn't been governor of Missouri since 1992. He has nothing to do with the current budget situation in Missouri. Likewise Fred Thompson and Al Gore have nothing to do with state government in Tennessee.

  • JB
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    The total number of dollars in deficit does not reflect what percentage of the total budget that deficit is. A 32 million dollar deficit from a budget of 50 million is far different from a billion dollar deficit from a hundred billion dollar budget. So just looking at the names an number you posted doesn't help me decide a vote.

    And the number for Delaware is wrong. It ended up being 800 million in deficit.

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  • Boss H
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    If it wasn't for most of those states being rich with oil, most of them woud e broke as well.

    When the oil runs out, they won't look so skilled.

    others have higher taxes than you think.

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  • Anonymous
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    Ok call them up and tell them to run thats your job.

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