How many of you are Teen moms or are a pregnant teen thats keeping your baby?

I just want to say THANK you for doing the right thing for your baby by taking care of them and not aborting them or giving them up.

Im 17 with a 7 month old and am 7w5ds with my second and i don't know what i would do with out my lil girl or the lil baby growing inside me,

I know its hard to be a teen mom but its a wonderful thing to do your best.

I want to know about your story's and how you make it and how old you are and, how old you were when you got pregnant ??Are any of you married like me or a single mom or do you have a very supportive family???

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    i am 17 as well and i am 5 months with my first. i dont believe in abortion or having one of my own in the world with someone else. im sure that i am going to be blessed and i am gonna have a good time with this. though it may be hard sometimes, im not single, but i live with my mom still and when the baby is born im moving in with my boyfriend and were getting married some afterwards. He wants to adopt and have some of our own. i cant wait to see my little buddle of joy. its a gift. it really is.

  • hey there im 15years old i turn 16 on sept 8th i am pregnant with my very first baby :) i am 4w6d im so excited i think abortion is completely wrong unless it is for a VERY good reason , i have had some symptoms i am over the nauesia though i have never been this sick in my life lol , oh and the cramps i have been getting in my lower tummy god its frustrating lol , i only found out i was pregnant a week ago i couldnt believe it , my boyfriend of 3months1week is very supportive he is actually quite excited about having this baby he wants it to be a boy :) i cant wait to bring our little joy into the world its going to be an amazing gift i know it will be hard but we will get through it :) goodluck dear :)

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    I'm 17 to and I just found out I was pregnant and hell yes I'm keeping it I made the mistake my baby isn't a mistake and I noe I could do I have a nice fam that they can help me and my bf I'm I have a bf but were not ganna get married or anything but it doesn't matter as long as his there for his baby

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  • ok I am 15 got pregnant when I was 14 my fiance is about to be 17. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant.....I have a very supportive family and I babysit for money and my fiance just lost his job but believe me he is out looking once again......We are getting married next year

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    well i'm 20 which is still sort of young, engaged. Technically second pregnancy, I miscarried in Nov (which I was 19 then) and now 16 weeks tomorrow. :)

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